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[MARTINA-MCMAHON-13-300x168]Minneapolis, MN, WPH Press, 8/19/18

Day 11

Women’s Open Singles Final

Casey vs. McMahon

Martina McMahon played with conviction and purpose from the first ball in the world championship final, building a 13-3 lead on Casey by overpowering the WR48 #1. McMahon pushed Casey into survival mode in virtually every rally during the first half of the first game, with Casey just hoping for McMahon errors to win rallies. Casey rallied behind a great power serve to close the gap, striking seven ace serves and earning first-strike opportunities to dictate rallies to close the gap to 15-18. Casey would close to within two at 18-20 but was never able to catch McMahon, as McMahon took a one-game lead.

The first half of game two closely resembled the second half of game one, as McMahon and Casey played evenly en route to a 12-all tie. McMahon composed herself for a final push at 12-all, swinging freely and confidently to score the final nine points of the match to earn her first 4-Wall singles world title. With the championship, McMahon became the first player in World Championship history to win the Wall Ball Open Singles and 4-Wall Open Singles.

“This is a dream that became reality,” stated Martina McMahon. “I sad three years ago that this is what I wanted to win and it’s happened so I’m over the moon. I’m 23 and I suppose at my peak now.”

Final: McMahon def Casey 21-18, 21-12

Men’s Open Doubles Final: Team Ireland vs. Team USA

McCarthy and Nash successfully defended their world title, dominating the action against the defending 3-Wall and 4-Wall national champions Sean Lenning and Marcos Chavez. McCarthy and Nash controlled the action throughout the match, just as they had done throughout the event. After dominating game one, McCarthy and Nash withstood a Lenning rally late in game two to hoist the crown for the second time.

“I looks like the Irish are playing with howitzers,” stated Hall of Fame legend Fred Lewis. “The Irish blasted every ball, they make great gets, and they make very few mistakes.”

“I would put Robbie and Diarmaid against any doubles team in the history of the game,” declared Dave Vincent.

“We compliment one another well because I’m a lefty and he’s a righty,” stated Nash in reference to the pairing. “Robbie has such a good serve, great power, and great defense and I suppose I can pick well and play the inside of the court.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be back in three years but I’m happy to win this one anyways,” stated McCarthy.

Final: McCarthy/Nash def Lenning/Chavez 21-7, 21-14

Women’s Open Doubles Final: Reilly/McMahon vs. Casey/O’Keeffe

McMahon continued her stellar play in the doubles, as McMahon and two-time world championships singles champion Aisling Reilly overwhelmed WR48 #1 Catriona Casey and Aisling O’Keeffe. Reilly and McMahon cruised in game one, built a big lead in game two, and closed out the match with three consecutive one-inch high kills.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top this again,” stated McMahon

“I think my persistence in keeping the rally going and giving Martina a chance to flatten the ball made us work together as a team,” stated Reilly. “You’ll see us again in three years, definitely!”

With the doubles championship, McMahon completed the World Championship “Triple Crown,” winning the 4-Wall singles and doubles and the Wall Ball singles.

“The Triple Crown will likely never happen again so this is truly history,” stated Vincent.

Final: Reilly/McMahon def Casey/O’Keeffe 21-5, 21-15

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David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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