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[image]DF’s Race 4 Eight Fun Facts & Trends Through the R48 7 Atlanta

The 2017-2018 R48 7 kicked off in Atlanta on the first weekend of October, with Killian Carroll blitzing the field en route to his fifth R48 title. The 2016-2017 Race 4 Eight 6 produced two new finalists, a consecutive appearance streak snapped, six events broadcast on ESPN, the second 10-time R48 champion, a new member of the Elite 8, a returning star doing serious damage, the shortest match in R48 history, four players ranked inside the Elite 8 in 2011 still inside the Elite 8, and a considerable closing of the ranking points gap between all of the Elite 8 stars.

Race 4 Eight Fun Facts and Trends: October 2016-present

Luis Cordova became the first player to defeat two R48 #1’s in the same event (Salt Lake City ’17)

The Elite 8 were 44-12 against the qualifiers in the round of 16 in seven R48 6 events (79%). The Elite 8 were 7-1 in the first event of the R48 VII (Atlanta)

Catriona Casey outscored her WR48 opponents 361-95 in three events and 12 matches during the 2016-2017 WR48 season (4:1). This is the second season in which Casey held a 4:1 scoring ratio or better against the field

Paul Brady became the sixth qualifier to reach a R48 final at the R48 6 NYAC and the first qualifier to win an event at the NYAC ‘17

David Fink became the eighth player in R48 history to reach the #1 R48 ranking (Chapman, Lenning, Moreno, Shanks, Brady, Ortiz, Carroll, Fink)

[image]Killian Carroll became just the third player to win back-to-back R48 Men’s Pro titles with wins at the R48 6 New Orleans and Houston (Brady, Moreno)

R48 #1 Killian Carroll (1st, 1st, 2nd, 1st, 1st) and R48 #2 David Fink (2nd, 3rd, 5th, 3rd, 5th) have finished in the top five of the last five R48 Men’s Pro events

Mando Ortiz became the first R48 #1 to lose in the round of 16 in a Race stop at the 2017 Houston R48 6

Sean Lenning’s consecutive R48 attendance streak ended at 37, with Lenning missing New Orleans ’17 R48 Stop #38 with a shoulder injury

Daniel Cordova was 2-4 in main draw tiebreakers in the R48 6 (losses: Lenning, Peixoto, Chavez, Fink, wins: Nett, Iglesias). Danos is 1-0 thus far in the R48 VII (def Fink in Atlanta)

[image]David Fink and Killian Carroll became the third and fourth players, respectively, to appear in three straight R48 finals (Moreno, Brady)

Killian Carroll became the second player to reach five straight R48 finals (Brady)

Following the NYAC ’17, the R48 Men’s Pro Rankings featured the first three-way tie for the #1 spot in R48 history (Fink, Carroll, Moreno)

Killian Carroll owned the best winning percentage on the R48 6 (19-2: 90%). Flash is 4-0 on the R48 VII

Paul Brady was the only undefeated player on the R48 6 tour (4-0)

Daniel Cordova dropped out of the R48 Elite 8 after New Orleans for the first time since 2015 (D. Cordova returned to the Elite 8 with a 6th place finish in the R48 6 Houston)

[image]Vic Perez entered the Elite 8 for the first time following New Orleans, making him the longest-tenured R48 star to move into the R48 Elite 8 for the first time (6 years)

Andy Nett entered the R48 6 Minnesota with no R48 ranking and defeated five R48 pros in the top 11 (Moreno, Peixoto, D. Cordova, L. Cordova, Iglesias)

Luis Cordova and Jonathan Iglesias played the shortest R48 playoff match in R48 history in New Orleans from the time of the first ball struck (six minutes from the time of the first serve hit)

The R48 6 has featured seven different finalists in seven stops (Ortiz, McCarthy, Fink, Moreno, Carroll, Brady, L. Cordova) and five different champions (McCarthy, Ortiz, Moreno, Carroll, Brady)

Luis Moreno became the second 10-time R48 champion with his victory at the Plummer Bash ’17 (Brady: 14)

Four members of the original Elite 8 from the first Race event at the inaugural 2011 Plummer Bash are still in the Elite 8 (Lenning, Moreno, Ortiz, Fink)

[image]Jonathan Iglesias and Vic Perez played one another in consecutive R48 events in Plummer ’17 and New Orleans ‘17, becoming just the second pair to draw one another consecutively in a R48 event (Nett-Fink ’11)

David Fink is believed to be the oldest athlete to ever take over the #1 ranking in any professional sport for the first time at 39 years old or older

The R48 NYAC ’17 was the first time two players with the first name Luis appeared in the semifinals in the same event (Moreno, Cordova)

In seven stops on the 2015-2016 R48 5, there were four different R48 Men’s Pro Champions (Brady, Lenning, Ortiz, Carroll). In seven stops on the 2016-2017 R48 6, there have been five different R48 Men’s Pro Champions (McCarthy, Ortiz, Moreno, Carroll, Brady)

Luis Cordova was 4-2 in tiebreakers on the R48 6 (wins: Townsend, Montijo, Lenning, McCarthy/losses: Chavez, Carroll), Daniel Cordova was 2-4 in tiebreakers (losses: Lenning, Peixoto, Chavez, Fink, wins: Nett, Iglesias)

[image]Highest ranked R48 pros by country:

Canada: Ryan Bowler (#19 overall)

Ireland: Killian Carroll (#1 overall)

Mexico: Luis Cordova (#5 overall)

United States: David Fink (#2 overall)

Read hundreds of more facts and trends here:

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