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[45479904_10156892882953799_230494427871707136_n-146x300]Tucson, AZ, WHP Press, 11/6/18- The World Players of Handball was proud to honor Luis “Lucho” Cordova with the coveted Race 4 Eight WPH Yellow Jersey for winning his first Race 4 Eight title at the 2018/19 R48 8 Atlanta.  The Juarez legend has gradually climbed his way up the R48 ladder since his 2011/12 rookie season as a 21-year-old, working his way into the top three for the first time earlier this year and winning his first R48 title on his home court at the Recreation ATL in Atlanta. Lucho defeated R48 #1 Killian Carroll in the semifinals and his younger brother Danos in the final on the first weekend of October, announcing himself as one of the top stars in the sport. 

“I just want to keep improving and working my way up the rankings,” stated a 21-year-old Lucho at the 2012 WPH R48 Player’s Championship. 

“Receiving a yellow jersey for winning a Race stop is like winning the Super Bowl,” barked WPH Executive Director Dave Vincent. “Lucho could not have been happier to have received his yellow jersey and he certainly deserves it.”

“My goal is to be remembered as one of the greatest handball players in the history of Mexico,” added Lucho at the 2018 Tucson Memorial.

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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