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Kansas City, KS, WPH Press, 6/16/19- The famed KCAC hosted the 41st annual Tim Nass KC 3-Wall on Father’s Day Weekend, featuring 10-time defending USHA 3-Wall national champion Sean Lenning, the KCAC’s former top eight R48 pro Tommy Little, former R48 top 12 pro Eddie “Chip” Morales, R48 #9 pro Jonathan Iglesias and R48 #19 Max Langmack. The strong Tim Nass pro singles field battled thunderstorms and humidity on the KCAC’s spectacular two-court 3-Wall court complex.

Lenning cruised to the final in the upper bracket, while outdoor veteran Jonathan Iglesias played brilliantly in the bottom half, dominating Tommy Little and Max Langmack to meet Lenning in the final.


Lenning kicked off his preparation for his 11th defense of his USHA 3-Wall championship in dominating fashion in the Nass final, using his power, craft, guile, and “freak” offense to dominate Iglesias. “It’s hard to believe what Sean can do on a 3-Wall court,” stated the WPH’s Dave Vincent. “Sean can just make incredible shots that you don’t think are possible and he does it consistently.”


Lenning def Storm 21-6, 21-0

Facio, Jr. def Ibarra, Jr. 21-13, 5-21, 11-8

Langmack def E. Morales  21-15, 19-21, 11-8

Iglesias def Little 21-3, 21-1


Lenning def Facio, Jr. 21-13, 21-7

Iglesias def Langmack 21-15, 21-0

Final: Lenning def Iglesias 21-6, 21-13

KCAC court picture courtesy of Chip Morales

Follow all of the results from the 2019 Tim Nass KC 3-Wall HERE

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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