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[image]The 2017 LAAC R48 Pre Qualifier: December 9, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, WPH Press, 10/16/17- The Los Angeles Athletic Club and the World Players of Handball are thrilled to present the LAAC R48 Pre Qualifier, December 9, 2017at the LAAC, located at 431 W 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014.

The winner of the LAAC R48 Pre Qualifier will earn a travel stipend to the Race 4 Eight of his choice during the 2017-2018 R48 VII season, with the winner choosing to use his Race 4 Eight travel stipend from R48 VII stops in Montana, Las Vegas, Houston, New York City, and Salt Lake City. If the LAAC R48 Pre-Qualifier champion is unable to attend a Race 4 Eight event during this Race season, the LAAC R48 Pre-Qualifier finalist will earn the travel stipend. If two players ranked inside the R48 top 25 enter the LAAC R48 Qualifier, the winner will receive a direct entry into Montana, Las Vegas, or Houston (no direct entry option to New York or Salt Lake City). *A player cannot win more than one R48 Pre-Qualifiers in the same season. All matches will be one game to 25, win by two.

“The LAAC and all of our players at the LAAC are really excited to host this exciting event,” stated tournament director Marcos Chavez. “We have a great group of guys that play at the LAAC and we’re looking forward to welcoming our friends from across California and beyond for a great day of handball and a chance to earn a spot at one of the upcoming Race stops this season.”

For more info and to enter the 2017 LAAC R48 Pre Qualifier, go here

For all of the information on the R48 VII season, including online entries, players profiles, the history of the tour, and much more, go here

For the rules and R48 Pre Qualifier concept, go here

To contact the 2017 LAAC R48 Pre-Qualifier tournament director Marcos Chavez, email him at mchavezawdie@hotmail.com

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