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Dublin, IRE, WPH Press, 9/8/19- The historic Croke Park HC hosted its final 60×30 All Ireland Championships in Dublin, as Irish legend Eoin Kennedy turned back the clock to stop Robbie McCarthy’s streak of four consecutive 60×30 titles and Martina McMahon dominated her greatest rival, Catriona Casey, in two lopsided games to capture her third the Women’s 60×30 title.

Men’s Final: Kennedy def McCarthy 21-18, 21-20

Women’s Final: McMahon def Casey 21-12, 21-9


“Congratulations Eoin, fantastic achievement and a hugely deserved and appropriate title win on the last famous night at the legendary Croke Park 60×30,” stated the former head of GAA Handball Chris Curran.

“Martina is an absolute role model,” stated McMahon fan Maeve Frawley.

Photos courtesy of GAA Handball

Watch the All-Ireland 60×30 finals on GAA Handball’s Facebook page HERE

For much more on the 2019 GAA 60×30 All-Ireland Championships, go to the home of GAA Handball HERE

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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