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[JAKE2-200x300]Boulder, CO, WPH Press, 9/25/18- Former NFL great and current handball mega promoter and enthusiast Jake Plummer will be featured on the October 18 NFL Network Thursday Night Football pregame show. The Plummer Helluva Family Bash host will discuss his life after football, playing handball, raising his family, and his business interests.

As part of the pregame special, Jake was filmed playing 3-Wall handball in Boulder and extolled the values of the lifetime sport. “Handball is a great cross-training life sport that benefits all athletes and all sports.”

When not playing handball and raising his children, Jake passionately develops and promotes ReadyList Sports. “ReadyList Sports is a fully interactive digital playbook tool created to help athletes learn their sports plays efficiently by utilizing multiple learning styles and then testing them afterwards to see what they retained.”

Go to ReadyList Sports to learn more.

[jake-plummer-in-line-tillman-sticker-300x190]Jake also supports and promotes Athletes for Care, an organization founded by former professional athletes who are uniting as one voice to advocate for research, education, and compassion when addressing important health issues facing athletes and public.

Go to Athletes for Care to learn more.

Check out Jake on the October 18 NFL Network pregame show and support ReadyList Sports and Athletes for Care!

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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