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[20180506_26941_ajw-200x300]Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 9/21/18- Do you want to learn how to play handball like the best players in the world? Now you can! The Race 4 Eight Elite Men’s and Women’s stars broke down handball’s most important shots and rules, so not only can you watch the pros on ESPN3, but you can play like them too!

Watch Handball Terminology and Instructional + the Race 4 Eight rules HERE!

Handball Terminology and Instructional + R48 Rules Preview

Race 4 Eight #1 Killian Carroll, Ace Serve leader on tour, breaks down the Power Serve and Lob Serve. Flat roll out king Mando Ortiz, teaches the art of the Kill Shot; meanwhile, women’s Race 4 Eight #1 and winner of 15 of the 17 WR48 events since the inception of the tour in 2013, Catriona Casey, shows us the back wall kill.

2017/2018 Race 4 Eight Breakout Star of the Year, Courtney Peixoto de Melo, highlights the back wall pass. 2017 Irish Nationals champion and former Race 4 Eight finalist Diarmaid Nash, teaches the Irish Whip and the paddle kill, then… 2018 R48 NYAC finalist and R48 #4, Daniel Cordova, reveals the secrets to his spectacular hop serve, while Danos is joined by his older brother and R48 #6 Luis Cordova, in explaining the V Pass, Fly Kill, and Corner Kill.

Additionally, Catriona Casey and Courtney Peixoto discuss the Hinder, while multiple-time Race 4 Eight finalists David Fink and Emmett Peixoto analyse the Avoidable Hinder and the Race 4 Eight rules.

Watch Handball Terminology and Instructional + the Race 4 Eight rules HERE!

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