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Fink Awarded Yellow

For his win at the Tucson Memorial in '18 (November), David Fink is handed his Official Yellow Jersey on Monday at the Tucson, AZ, Headquarters of the WPH.

As you recall, David Fink (#1 on the Senior 40+ Pro Tour), played in not only the 40 pro division in Tucson, but also the elite men's pro bracket and came within a couple points of advancing to the finals of both pro divisions.


Fink ended his historic '18 Tucson Memorial tied for 3rd place in the men's elite pro bracket; while nabbing first place in the 40 division, over rival Marcos Chavez,  The latter earned him a nice Yellow Jersey to go with his collection.

David Fink enters the week Ranked #1 on the Senior 40+ Tour and #5 on the Elite Men's R48Pro Rankings; where he will take his talents to Montucky for the WPH Race4Eight Professional Tour Stop (Missoula, Montana) #4.

You can watch fellow WPH Patreon Member via the live broadcast from Missoula at the end of the week on Patreon!  Details to follow!


Congratulations to Fink for nabbing another Yellow! (Please like and comment below)

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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