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DF’s Race 4 Eight Fun Facts & Trends Through the 2019 Race 4 Eight Memorial


The 2019/20 Race 4 Eight IX hosted its third event of the Race 4 Eight IX season at the 2019 Tucson Memorial, the R48’s third event of the season and the WR48’s and SR48’s first event of the 2019/20 Race 4 Eight season.


The 2019 Tucson Memorial featured the 60th Race 4 Eight event in the nine-year history of the tour, with the first Race 4 Eight stop held in 2011 at the Plummer Bash in Coeur d’Alene, ID.


2019/20 R48 IX Fun Facts


  • Vic Perez lost in the round of 16 for the first time in 24 months at the ’19 R48 Memorial to eventual champion Martin Mulkerrins
  • After advancing to the final of her first 7 WR48 starts, Aisling Reilly has lost in the semifinals of her last 2 WR48 starts (San Francisco ’19, Memorial ’19 – both semifinal losses to Ni Churraoin)
  • R48 Elite 8 average finishes on the R48 IX season

R48 #1 Carroll: 3 (3rd in Atlanta, 3rd in Tucson). R48 IX record: 4-2

R48 #2 Danos: 6 (1st in Atlanta, 11th in Tucson). R48 IX record: 5-2

R48 #3 Lenning: 3.7 (7th in Atlanta, 2nd in Portland, 2nd in Tucson), R48 IX record: 7-3

R48 #4 Lucho: 3 (2nd in Atlanta, 1st in Portland, 6th in Tucson). R48 IX record: 9-3

R48 #5 Fink: 5 (7th in Atlanta, 3rd in Portland, 5th in Tucson). R48 IX record: 6-4

R48 #6 Perez: 6 (5th in Atlanta, 3rd in Portland, 10th in Tucson). R48 IX record: 7-4

R48 #7 Mulkerrins: 5 (9th in Atlanta, 1st in Tucson), R48 IX record: 7-1

R48 #7 Chavez: 8 (3rd in Atlanta, 13th in Tucson). R48 IX record: 2-3

  • Emmett Peixoto bounced back from consecutive 13th place finishes to end his R48 8 season with a 6th place finish at the R48 IX Atlanta
  • Sean Lenning advanced to his 21st R48 final at the ’19 Memorial, tying Catriona Casey with 21 Race 4 Eight finals. Lenning has 7 R48 titles, Casey has 19
  • 5 ranking points separates #5 and #10 on the R48 tour – this is the smallest rankings point gap between #5 and #10 in the history of the R48 Power Rankings
  • Lucho Cordova has the most wins thus far on the R48 IX tour (9)
  • After going 8-0 in the round of 16 at the R48 IX e4 Atlanta, the R48 Elite 8 slumped to 4-4 in the round of 16 at the R48 IX Memorial, the most losses for the Elite 8 in R48 round of 16 history
  • The WR48 #1 has advanced to the final of all 21 WR48 events, winning 19 (Casey)
  • The top five ranked players on the WR48 are from Ireland (first time in history)
  • Martin Mulkerrins became the first player in R48 history to lose three round of 16 matches in a row and win his next start at the ’19 Tucson Memorial
  • Leo Canales, Jr. advanced to his first R48 quarterfinal and first R48 semifinal at the ’19 Tucson Memorial – Leo defeated R48 #7 Marcos Chavez in the round of 16 and R48 #14 Niall O’Connor in the quarterfinals
  • David Fink and Marcos Chavez played one another for the seventh consecutive SR48 final at the ’19 Memorial – The ’19 Memorial was the first of the seven finals that went to a tiebreaker
  • Catriona Casey and Ciana Ni Churraoin met for the third time in the last four WR48 finals at the ’19 Memorial – Casey is 3-0 in those three matchups
  • Before their seventh SR48 finals clash, David Fink and Marcos Chavez outscored their four combined opponents en route to the ’19 SR48 Memorial final by a combined score of 120-20
  • Emmett Peixoto dropped out of the R48 Elite 8 for the first time since February of 2018 after losing in the round of 16 for the third time in his last four R48 starts at the ’19 Memorial – Mulkerrins knocked Peixoto out of the R48 Elite 8 with his first R48 title at the ’19 Memorial – The last time Peixoto dropped out of the Elite 8 was in 2018, “The Rock” bounced back with consecutive semifinal appearances (Houston ’18, NYAC ’18) to regain his Elite 8 status
Read hundreds more Fun Facts and Trends here: https://wphlive.tv/thus-far-r48pro-facts-trends/

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