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[14729092_10154660716288799_3317925407325952955_n-169x300]The Great Albany Open

Albany, NY, WPH Press, 11/19/18- One of the Northeast’s premiere 4-Wall events was held in the middle of November at Albany’s Court Club, pitting the best from Canada against the best from New York City. Canadian R48 #1 Ryan Bowler, cross over stars Tyree and Jurell Bastidas and Billy O’Donnell, Canadian legend Danny Bell, and rising Canadian star Jerome Santerre headlined the strong open singles field, with each star aiming to stake his claim as the best 4-Waller east of Midwest.

57-year old former #2 pro Danny Bell turned back the clock against an Albany Open field more than half his age, overcoming Jurell Bastidas in a close quarterfinal and dismantling former WPH #11 pro and current 1-Wall national champion Tyree Bastidas in the semifinals.

Bell captured game one in the final against cross over star Billy O’Donnell before the “Bus” was forced to withdraw with a bad back.  

[17498986_10155163828908799_5298363669617232307_n-300x169]“Danny is playing great!” barked WPH reporter and R48 #25 Ryan Bowler. “Danny beat me in an open tournament in October in Canada and he continued his great play in Albany. Danny’s dump game is elite, he is flying the ball with both hands, and he is consistently punishing any mistake with either hand. I think Danny got 10 years younger this year.”

“Holy heck, Danny Bell beat three dudes soundly who are probably top 20-40 in the U.S.,” proclaimed Hall of Fame legend and two-time Four Wall National Singles champion John Bike. “47 was a qualifier record (set by Bike). Bell at 57 probably would qualify.”

“57-year old Danny Bell is an inspiration to players of all ages,” stated SR48 #1 David Fink. “Danny is a testament to what combining staying in shape with cultivating an enormous amount of talent with do. If Danny had not been injured over the past 6-7 years, he would likely be a top 20 player on the R48 tour. Congratulations on an awesome win Danny!”

Round of 8:

Tyree Bastidas def Raphael Santerre 20-21, 21-18, 11-9

Danny Bell def Jurell Bastidas 21-19, 2-18

Ryan Bowler def Arthur Sayed 21-20, 21-11

Billy O’Donnell def Jerome Santerre 21-15, 14-21, 11-9


[14729263_10154660716353799_1560970242124337011_n-300x169]Bell def T. Bastidas 21-11, 21-4

O’Donnell def Bowler 21-7, 21-18

Final: Bell def O’Donnell 21-12, injury fft (back)

Thank you to WPH reporter Ryan Bowler

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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