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Fargo, ND, WPH Press, 10/2/19- 49 players (30 singles players and 24 doubles teams) from Manitoba, Minnesota, Montana, and North Dakota battled on the handball court (see results below)! They also enjoyed the hospitality of the F-M Handball Club by carb-loading with pizza and “beverages” at the Friday Night Social (paid entirely by donations from Club members), conversing over beverages at the pre-banquet social (paid entirely by donations from Club members), dining on fantastic Chicken Parmesan, Fettuccini Alfredo, etc. at the Saturday Night Banquet (free to all registered players), and winning a wide variety of prizes at the post-banquet Raffle (dinner is free — raffle tickets are extra) — the annual fundraiser for the Club that helps us keep the local handball spirit alive throughout the rest of the year, enabling us to support random doubles, provide hospitality/socials for our major tournaments, recruit/equip new players, develop/provide handball classes/lessons, etc.


The results for the 43rd Annual Rudy Harris Handball Tournament are as follows: 

Open Singles

* Champion: Ryan Pesch (St Paul, MN) over Mat Langhorst (St Paul MN)

* Consolation Champion: Ciana Churraoin (Mankaot, MN via Ireland) over Luke Sandy (Grand Forks, ND via Fargo)

50s-60s Singles

* Champion: Rick Edwards (Livingston, MT) over Merv Deckert (Winnipeg, MB)

* Consolation Champion: Paul Sum (Grand Forks, ND) over Greg Solin (Duluth, MN)

70s singles

* Champion: Dave Colter (Winnipeg, MB) over Ron Mruss (Winnipeg, MB)

* Consolation Champion: Rich Stevens (Fargo, ND) over Ed Kohut (Winnipeg, MB)

B Singles

* Champion: Henry Arneson (Hopkins, MN) over Kyle Schmitz (MN via ND)

* Consolation Champion: Jake Johnson (MN) over Zach Kluvers (MN)

[Ryan-Pesch-celebration-217x300]Open Doubles

* Champion: Ryan Pesch (MN)/Kyle Schmitz (Minneapolis, MN via West Fargo, ND) over Henry Arneson (Hopkins, MN)/Mat Langhorst (St Paul, MN)

* Consolation Champion: Luke Sandy (Grand Forks, ND via Fargo)/Dave Reuter (Fargo, ND) over Kent Jones (Fargo, ND)/Pat Revier (Moorhead, MN)

50 Doubles

* Champion: Steve Johnson (Shakopee, MN)/Don Reiter (Stillwater, MN) over Kent Jones (Fargo, ND)/Joel Moore (Arthur, ND)

* Consolation Champion: Paul Sum (Grand Forks, ND)/Chris Nelson (Grand Forks, ND) over Dick Reis (Fargo, ND)/Pete Seljevold (Fargo, ND)

60+ Doubles

* Champion: Merv Deckert (Winnipeg, MB)/Jay Spooner (Fargo, ND) over Dick Reis (Fargo, ND)/Greg Solin (Duluth, MN)

* Consolation Champion: Steve Birrell (Bozeman, MT)/Phil Kleineschay (Shakopee, MN) over Ray Dropko (Winnipeg, MB)/Ron Fuhrman (Fargo, ND)

B Doubles

* Champion: Jake Johnson (Mankato, MN)/Justin Klein (Mankato, MN) over Bill Russell (Minneapolis, MN)/Brady Spooner (Bismarck, ND)

* Consolation Champion: Steve Grow (Moorhead, MN)/Jason Weimer (Fargo, ND) over David Kawasaki (Fargo, ND)/Mark Winkelman (Fargo, ND)

Attention One-Wall Players: The one-wall game is also growing in Minnesota. If you want to receive notices for future one-wall events and tournaments in Minnesota, please send your contact information to Mike Burke by email (mburke1234@gmail.com). If you want to receive notices for future one-wall events and tournaments in North Dakota, please send your contact information to Mark Winkelman by email (mrwinkelman@gmail.com).

Follow/Like F-M Handball on Facebook: If you can’t find our official Club page on Facebook, just click on the following link or enter it into your web browser: https://www.facebook.com/F-M-Handball-654439854722904

Upcoming Tournaments: If you know of any handball tournaments that we do not have on the list below, please forward the tournament information/entry form to Mark Winkelman (mrwinkelman@gmail.com) and we will do all we can to promote your tournaments!

October 2019:

CANCELLED: Minnesota Fall State Singles, University of Minnesota Rec Center, Minneapolis, MN

* Coney Classic, October 18-19, Downtown YMCA, St. Paul, MN

November 2019:

Newly Added: U of M Fall Classic, November 22-24, University of Minnesota Rec Center, Minneapolis, MN

December 2019:

Newly Added: Arthur Doubles Tournament, December 21, Arthur, ND

January 2020:

* St. Paul Winter Carnival, January 24-25, Downtown YMCA, St. Paul, MN

* Montana State Doubles & Red Death Tournament, January 24-26, Missoula, MT

February 2020:

Newly Added: Maverick Open, February 7-9, Minnesota State Mankato, Mankato, MN

March 2020:

Tentative Date: North Dakota State Handball Tournament (open to residents of all states & provinces), March 6-7, YMCA Fercho Branch (Downtown), Fargo, ND

April 2020:

* Montana State Singles, April 3-5, Billings, MT

Newly Added: Manitoba Open, April 24-25, Winnipeg, MB

May 2020:

Newly Added: 72nd Tallcorn Tournament, To Be Determined, Des Moines Wellmark YMCA, Des Moines, IA

July 2020:

Newly Added: F-M Handball Club’s 5th Annual Steve Kraft Memorial One-Wall Handball Tournament, To Be Determined, Island Park, Fargo, ND

September 2020:

Tentative Date: 44th Annual Rudy Harris Tournament, September 25-26, YMCA Fercho Branch (Downtown), Fargo, ND

October 2020:

Newly Added: Minnesota State Singles, To Be Determined, University of Minnesota Rec Center, Minneapolis, MN

Story by Dick Reis

F-M Handball Club President

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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