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New York, NY, WPH Press, 4/14/19- Day 3: Sunday


Sunday featured a repeat of the 2014 NYAC R48 final, as 14-time R48 champion Paul Brady faced 3-time R48 champion Robbie McCarthy. Two years removed from the tour appeared to reinvigorate “The Gunner,” as Brady ousted current top five R48 pros David Fink and Danos Cordova en route to the final. Robbie McCarthy snapped Killian Carroll’s streak of four consecutive R48 finals en route to the final, as the 2019 All Ireland 40×20 champion showcased his best R48 form since winning the 2014 R48 Player’s Championship.

[IMG_2297-2-300x200]As he had done during his Saturday matches, Brady started slowly in the final, over-hitting a number of shots and failing to capitalize on a number of opportunities. McCarthy took advantage, executing his patented dump kills to take an 8-3 lead. A McCarthy timeout seemed to energize Brady, who scored nine of the 10 points to take a 12-9 lead. Brady missed a left-handed setup in the front court at 13-9, arguing that his backswing was restricted by McCarthy. The no-call appeared to unnerve Brady, who made two errors and found himself receiving serve a 13-13. Brady upped his intensity at 13-all, scoring the final two points with blistering power and bottom board offense.


Brady took charge immediately in game two, dominating all facets of the game en route to a 13-0 lead. McCarthy avoided the bagel but could not apply any pressure, as Brady closed out his 15th overall R48 title and his fifth NYAC R48 title.

“I don’t know how Brady does it,” declared NYAC tournament director John Duggan. “He’s like Tiger Woods and he’s so great for the game.”


“Paul is just incredible,” stated WPH Executive Director, Dave Vincent; who was not attending this tournament originally, but quickly altered plans when Brady contacted him about entering less than a week ago.. “As a handball administrator and fan, we have to enjoy every tournament, every match, and every point Brady and our legends play because you never know if it will be their last. This game is better when Brady is involved and on a day when Tiger Woods wins the Masters in Augusta, it’s only fitting to have our champ make a comeback of his own here in New York!”

Final: Brady vs. McCarthy 15-13, 15-2



David Fink overcame Ireland’s Peter Funchion (25-23), while Stephen Cooney overcame fellow NYAC teammate Jonathan Iglesias (25-21) to meet in the 5th place final. Fink took advantage of a weary Cooney in Sunday’s final, as the NYAC Vice President of handball had little energy left after hosting several late night parties for the NYAC guests. With the victory, Fink clinched fifth for the second consecutive event.

Irish junior prodigy Niall O’Connor bounced back from an opening round loss to Jonathan Iglesias to win the 9th place playoffs, overcoming Canada’s Jerome Santerre in the 9th final.

9th Place Final: O’Connor def Santerre 25-20

5th Place Final: Fink def Cooney 25-7


2019 R48LTE NYAC Finishes

1st: Brady

2nd: McCarthy

3rd: D. Cordova/Carroll


5th: Fink

6th: Cooney

7th: Pet. Funchion/Iglesias

9th: O’Connor

“From the depths of my soul, I want to thank the Dave’s and the WPH for what they are doing for handball,” stated junior handball ambassador Glenn Hall. “The WPH has created a platform to inspire new players while hosting the best and most competitive pro handball tour in history.”

[vsmmb-300x200]Thank you to John Duggan and Tom Smario for another outstanding event at the NYAC. The NYAC’s hospitality and appreciation for great handball is second to none, and the WPH is very fortunate to return to the famed NYAC every year.

“Handball is such a huge part of the NYAC history and we just want to keep it going and showcasing NYAC,” stated Duggan.

For more info on the 2019 NYAC R48LTE, including starting times and to follow the brackets go HERE




We did not plan to film this event and even left New York off the film schedule when we posted it 10 months ago (we don’t film LTE Stops); however, after hearing of Killian Carroll, Danny Cordova, Robert McCarthy, David Fink, Paul Brady and other top players (Iglesias, Cooney, Funchion, et al) were all entering, …we decided to make the trek to the big apple to archive the games.  The WPH didn’t have streaming rights at the NYAC and filming wasn’t approved by upper brass; therefore Internet upgrades didn’t happen.  Because of this, video was limited; however, The WPH came into town with some minor filming equipment for Patreon supporters of the WPH.  With no budget to do so, they (WPH) recorded every match on the show court and all of them (for the whole event) have been uploaded, …to include the Brady/McCarthy Final (rendering expected to complete late Sunday evening).  Again, Internet speeds and full video production were not approved by the NYAC; therefore, the WPH simply could not capture this event with the standards necessary to captivate the game in the correct way (This is no fault of the NYAC, it’s just a circumstance that has occurred naturally). “With no filming budget for these smaller stops, and the cost to film in New York, we had to pull back,” says WPH ED, Dave Vincent.  “We have standards and we do not want to air anything less than our best, plus… the cost to be on site with a film crew is just astronomical compared to regular tour stops. We appreciate your understanding as we recorded EVERY MATCH on the show court and have uploaded them all to our Patreon Page before ‘finals day’ concluded (SUNDAY). Slow Internet Speeds made it difficult to upload, but we got through it. Even Brady/McCarthy is uploaded, even though it’s rendering as we speak”  All show court matches for the full tournament are available on Patreon right now! HERE:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/26071147 

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

New York, NY, WPH Press, 4/13/19-

Day 2: Saturday


Super Saturday in New York featured the spectacular return of five-time world champion and 14-time R48 champion Paul Brady and a major upset.


Killian Carroll overcame a hot start from R48 rival Jonathan Iglesias in Saturday’s first quarterfinal match, taking control after early-game deficits with a great serve and percentage handball. “Killian always makes the right shot,” stated Level 5 referee and WPH mega donor Rodney Fink.

Robbie McCarthy defeated countryman Stephen Cooney in the second quarterfinal, utilizing his dump kills and incredible retrieves to cruise in two games.


David Fink started well against five-time world champion Paul Brady in Brady’s first R48 start in two years, leading throughout the first game and sealing his first ever game-win against Brady with an ace. Brady regrouped, upping his intensity and shots to pull away from Fink in the next two games. “Imagine playing someone with a racquet in both hands who can hit any shot from anywhere on the court and that will give you a good idea what it’s like to play Paul,” stated Fink.

Danos Cordova struck seven aces in the first 10 minutes of his quarterfinal against Peter Funchion, racing to an 11-1 lead in game one. Funchion had defeated Danos in their last encounter (Montana ’18) and maintained his confidence, scoring 14 of the next 15 points of the game to stun Danos.


Funchion led 7-3 in game two and appeared to be in control, but three quick aces serves for Danos and two kills tied the game at eight. Danos cruised from there, banking himself in the front court and pushing Funchion from side to side to dominate the second half of game two and game three to advance to his seventh R48 semifinal of the season

R48LTE NYAC Quarterfinals

Carroll def Iglesias 15-4, 15-7

McCarthy def Cooney 15-4, 15-9


Brady def Fink 12-15, 15-4, 15-4

Cordova def Pet. Funchion 12-15, 15-8, 15-5


Robbie McCarthy had lost to R48 #1 Killian Carroll in their previous three encounters, including the 2018 World Championship semifinal. McCarthy entered the NYAC brimming with confidence on the heels of a dominating All Ireland 40×20 Championship two weeks ago and blitzed Carroll in game one, taking advantage of a slow start for Carroll and applying effective pressure. .


Carroll turned the tables in game two, evening up the match and forcing a third game.

McCarthy jumped out to a 10-2 and 13-3 lead in the third, controlling the center of the court and keeping rallies alive with seemingly impossible retrieves. “I’ve been watching the best players for 30 years and I’ve never seen these kinds of gets and diving re kills,” stated the exasperated former ICHA President Paul Williams.

McCarthy tweaked his hamstring/groin lunging for a Carroll drive at 13-3, causing a three-minute injury timeout. McCarthy returned to the court gingerly, but still managed to hold off a furious Carroll rally, winning several 40-shot rallies after Carroll had cut the deficit to six. McCarthy ended his losing streak against Carroll at three, while also ending Carroll’s streak of advancing to R48 finals in every R48 stop in which he had played since the 2016 Simple Green U.S. Open.

[048A4226-2-300x169]Brady started slowly in the second semifinal, making six errors early in the first game against Danos. Brady righted the ship, taking control midway through the first against the two-time R48 8 champion. Brady unleashed his full arsenal of skills from there, striking seemingly 100 mph kills, crisp passes, ace serves, and sensational retrieves to win in two games.

The final will mark the first matchup between Brady and McCarthy since the 2014 NYAC R48 final, won by Brady in a tiebreaker.


McCarthy def Carroll 15-7, 4-15, 15-8

Brady def D. Cordova 15-9, 15-4

Final (Sunday 10 am EST): McCarthy vs. Brady


The NYAC Killer’s Club and the Kossoff family hosted their traditional Saturday night banquet, as the players were treated to a special evening on the NYAC’s 24th floor solarium overlooking Central Park and midtown. Thank you!

Special thanks to WPH mega donor and Level 5 referee Rodney Fink for refereeing several pro matches, Dave and Lolita Vincent for filming and taking pictures, and the NYAC’s Killer’s Club for a great event.

For more info on the 2019 NYAC R48LTE, including starting times and to follow the brackets go HERE

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer


(Note:  The WPH is filming all main court matches.  But due to Internet speeds at the facility and tournament hotel, there will be uploads (on demand) but very slow uploads at that.  Ie. 6-8 hours per match.  These videos are being uploaded to Patreon/wphlive)


Daily Updates from the ’19 NYAC R48LTE

New York, NY, WPH Press, 4/12/19-

Day 1: Friday

14-time R48 champion Paul Brady’s return to the Race 4 Eight tour headlined Friday’s opening day at the New York Athletic Club on Friday, as “The Gunner” hit the Race 4 Eight hardwood for the first time in two years. R48 #1 and current world champion Killian Carroll, two-time 2018/19 R48 8 champion and R48 #3 Danos Cordova, and 3-time R48 champion and 2019 All Ireland 40×20 champion Robbie McCarthy joined Brady in a star-studded Friday evening lineup.

[NYAC19-2-of-209-300x200]The R48 NYAC’s top eight seeds all cruised on Friday, as Carroll (#1) defeated Eddie Perez, Danos (#2) defeated Alvaro Rebaza, David Fink (#3) defeated Rob Bell, Stephen Cooney (#4) defeated Jerome Santerre, McCarthy (#5) defeated Matthew Chu, Brady (#6) defeated Cesar Sala, Peter Funchion (#7) defeated Arthur Sayed, and Jonathan Iglesias (#8) defeated Niall O’Connor all advanced to setup four scintillating Saturday quarterfinals match ups.

R48LTE NYAC Quarterfinals (Saturday)

Carroll vs. Iglesias (9 am EST)

Cooney vs. McCarthy (10 am EST)

Brady vs. Fink (11 am EST)


Cordova vs. Pet. Funchion (noon EST)

For more info on the 2019 NYAC R48LTE, including starting times and to follow the brackets go HERE

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WPH RACE 4 EIGHT: The World Players of Handball’s 2018/19 Race 4 Eight 8 Powered by ESPN features R48 stops in Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, Montana, Louisiana, and California, all culminating with The Player’s Championship in Utah in May of 2019. Similar to NASCAR’s Nextel Cup and the FedEx PGA Playoffs, players earn points in the Race 4 Eight’s regular season stops to qualify for the season-ending Player’s Championship and bonus prizes.

For more information on the WPH Race 4 Eight, please contact World Players of Handball Executive Director David Vincent at dave.vincent@wphlive.tv or World Players of Handball Development Director David Fink at david.fink@wphlive.tv. For more information on the World Players of Handball, please visit wphlive.tv

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David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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