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Loughmacrory, IRE, WPH Press, 7/22/19- Loughmacrory Handball Club hosted many of Ireland’s top 1-Wall stars in one of Ireland’s most prestigious 1-Wall events of the summer, featuring three of the four men’s and women’s GAA WallBall finalists in the spectacular 1-Wall venue at the Loughmacrory Handball Club.

GAA Men’s 2019 WallBall finalist and R48 #22 Sean was seeking revenge against 2019 WallBall champion Martin Mulkerrins in the Loughmacrory final, with Kerr having lost to Mulkerrins two weeks ago for the WallBall crown. Kerr was dominant in the one game final to 25, defeating Mulkerrins for the second time this summer, 25-10. “Kerr put on a brilliant display to take the title,” stated GAA Handball.


2019 GAA Women’s WallBall finalist and rising star Megan McCann also bounced back from her finals loss at the GAA WallBall Championships, overcoming two-time world 4-Wall champion Aisling Reilly in a thriller, 23-21.

Pictures courtesy of GAA Handball

For much more from Loughmacrory and all handball news in Ireland, go to GAA Handball’s homepage HERE

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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