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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 5/28/19- The 2018/19 Race 4 Eight season featured nine R48 Men’s Pro events, three SR48 stops and three WR48 stops. The R48 Men’s Pro featured five different champions in nine stops, while the #1 pros on the WR48 (Casey) and SR48 (Fink) nabbed the six available titles on the WR48 and SR48 events this season, respectively.

The sensational 2018/19 Race 4 Eight 8 season concluded with the Aces Player’s Championship in Salt Lake City, with Killian Carroll clinching his fourth consecutive R48 Player’s Championship and third title of the season, while WR48 #1 Catriona Casey clinched her sixth consecutive WR48 Player’s Championship and 18th WR48 title overall and David Fink clinched his first SR48 Player’s Championship and fifth SR48 title overall.

Check out the final 2018/19 Race 4 Eight Elite pro’s stats below + go Inside the Numbers.

2018/19 R48 Men’s Pro (four events)


Killian Carroll

Ranking: #1

Started season: #1

Age: 6/15/1993

Hometown: Cork County, IRE (now resides in Boston, MA)

Height: 5’7

2018/19 R48 Finishes

Event, finish, wins/losses, total points won-lost:

Atlanta: 3rd (L. Cordova), 2-1, 80-60 (57%)

Tucson: 2nd (Lenning) 3-1, 119-85 (58%)

Portland: 2nd (D. Cordova), 4-1, 132-53 (71%)

Montana: 1st (Lenning), 4-0. 133-64 (68%)

San Francisco: 1st (Lenning), 4-0, 144-86 (63%)

NYAC: 3rd (McCarthy), 2-1, 90-52 (63%)

Salt Lake City: 1st (D. Cordova), 4-0, 129-62 (68%)

Average finish: 1.9

Combined points won/lost: 827-462 (64%)

Season record: 23-4

Season highlights: Carroll eclipsed Luis Moreno for second all-time R48 wins with his victory in Montana and added two more titles in San Francisco and Salt Lake City to stand just two titles from tying R48 Men’s Pro record-holder Paul Brady (15)

[19SLC2-F-259-of-260-300x169]Sean Lenning

Ranking: #2

Started season: #2

Age: 4/18/1985

Hometown: Shoreline, WA

Height: 6’2

2018/19 R48 Finishes

Event, finish, wins/losses, total points won-lost:

Atlanta: 3rd (D. Cordova), 2-1, 79-51 (61%)

Tucson: 1st (Carroll), 4-0, 129-91 (59%)

Portland: 3rd (D. Cordova), 3-1, 112-66 (63%)

Montana: 2nd (Carroll), 3-1, 115-112 (51%)

Tucson LTE: 3rd (Fink), 2-1, 108-87 (55%)

San Francisco: 2nd (Carroll), 3-1, 129-85 (60%)

Salt Lake City: 3rd (D. Cordova), 2-1, 73-77 (49%)

Average finish: 2.4

Combined points won/lost: 745-569 (57%)

Season record: 19-6

Season highlights: Lenning collected his seventh R48 title at the 2018 Tucson Memorial, playing some of the best ball of his career en-route to a two-game sweep of Killian Carroll, tying Carroll for the #1 ranking for the six weeks leading up to Portland. Lenning started and ended the season at #2, proving that he is still one of the sport’s top stars as he enters his mid 30’s


Daniel Cordova

Ranking: #3

Started season: #4

Age: 9/10/1992

Hometown: El Paso, TX (now resides in Atlanta, GA)

Height: 5’10

2018/19 R48 Finishes

Event, finish, wins/losses, total points won-lost:

Atlanta: 2nd (L. Cordova), 3-1, 129-100 (56%)

Tucson: 5th (Fink), 3-1, 110-66 (63%)

Portland: 1st (Carroll), 5-0, 156-88 (64%)

Montana: 3rd (Carroll), 2-1, 79-53 (60%)

New Orleans: 3rd (Perez), 2-1, 92-62 (60%)

Tucson LTE: 1st (Fink), 5-0, 150-74 (67%)

San Francisco: 3rd (Lenning), 2-1, 84-70 (55%)

NYAC: 3rd (Brady), 2-1, 85-65 (57%)

Salt Lake City: 2nd (Carroll), 3-1, 115-69 (63%)

Average finish: 2.6

Combined points won/lost: 1000-647 (61%)

Season record: 27-7

Season highlights: Danos won his first R48 title in his third final, dominating then co-R48 #1’s Sean Lenning and Killian Carroll en route to the Portland title. Danos added his second R48 title in dominating fashion at the ’19 Tucson R48LTE, becoming the first R48 8 champion to not drop a game en route to the title. Danos skyrocketed into the top three this season and demonstrated that all titles will go through Danos going forward


Luis Cordova

Ranking: #4

Started season: #6

Age: 11/13/1990

Hometown: Juarez, MEX

Height: 6’1

2018/19 R48 Finishes

Event, finish, wins/losses, total points won-lost:

Atlanta: 1st (D. Cordova), 4-0, 151-115 (58%)

Tucson: 3rd (Lenning), 2-1, 100-60 (63%)

Portland: 3rd (Carroll), 3-1, 99-78 (56%)

Montana: 3rd (Lenning), 2-1, 85-82 (51%)

New Orleans: 1st (Perez), 4-0, 125-61 (67%)

Tucson LTE: 3rd (D. Cordova), 2-1, 96-78 (55%)

San Francisco: 3rd (Carroll), 2-1, 91-81 (53%)

Salt Lake City: 3rd (Carroll): 2-1, 101-95 (52%)

Average finish: 2.5

Combined points won/lost: 848-650 (57%)

Season record: 21-6

Season highlights: Lucho clinched his first R48 title of his career on his (then) home courts at the Recreation ATL, defeating Carroll in two games in the semifinals and overcoming his brother in a thriller in the final. Cordova added his second title of the season and New Orleans, while also becoming the first R48LTE champion in R48 history, defeating Vic Perez in the final


David Fink

Ranking: #5

Started season: #5

Age: 8/2/1977

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA (now resides in Tucson, AZ)

Height: 5’11

2018/19 R48 Finishes

Event, finish, wins/losses, total points won-lost:

Atlanta: 7th (L. Cordova), 1-2, 75-81 (48%)

Tucson: 3rd (Carroll), 2-1, 98-87 (53%)

Portland: 9th (Iglesias), 4-1, 131-88 (60%)

Montana: 7th (Carroll), 1-2, 67-69 (49%)

New Orleans: 3rd (L. Cordova), 2-1, 92-65 (59%)

Tucson LTE: 2nd (D. Cordova), 4-1, 141-78 (64%)

San Francisco: 5th (Lenning), 3-1, 87-61 (59%)

NYAC: 5th (Brady): 3-1, 104-88

Salt Lake City: 6th (L. Cordova), 2-2, 105-90 (54%)

Combined points won/lost: 900-707 (56%)

Average finish: 5.2

Season record: 22-12

Season highlights: Fink advanced to the semifinals of the 2018 Tucson Memorial, cooling off a white hot Danos Cordova in the quarterfinals before losing to Killian Carroll in a close tiebreaker. Fink advanced to his fourth R48 final and first R48 final in 23 months at the Tucson R48LTE Hall of Fame, defeating top five R48 pros Vic Perez and Sean Lenning en route to the final before losing to Daniel Cordova

Read all of the 2018/19 Race 4 Eight stats here: https://wphlive.tv/2018-19-race-4-eight-elite-stats/

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