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JR WPH Portfolio: Inspiring the Next Generation of Handball Players

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 1/8/18 – The mission of JR WPH is to inspire the future players of the game, with the attempt that they carry on the legacy of our sport.  JR WPH aims to develop discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, and a physically active lifestyle through handball. Since JR WPH’s inception in 2013, JR WPH has provided opportunities for more than 7,000 youngsters to experience the challenge and thrill of learning and playing handball in structured, organized, safe, and supportive clinics and tournaments that emphasize camaraderie, friendship, and developing life skills and a lifelong commitment to physical fitness through handball.

[30A-JR-WPH-Logo-300x132]JR WPH initiatives are supported by donors that are determined to grow the game and to provide opportunities for youth development through handball. To enable Junior WPH to continue to host junior handball clinics and tournaments across North America with Certified WPH Coaches, the World Players of Handball invites you to make a tax-deductible donation today in supporting the growth of the game. 100% of the donations received by the WPH go towards junior handball development.  Donate on-line HERE or send your generous gifts through PayPal (HERE) or by mailing checks to:  WPH, 3561 E. Sunrise Dr. Suite 125, Tucson, AZ, 85718. Become a WPH Patreon HERE

Check out all of JR WPH’s sponsored clinics and programs 2018 below!

JR WPH Florida Cup Clinic and Singles (January): JR WPH hosted an outstanding junior handball clinic and skills competition for nearly a dozen youngsters on Hollywood Beach’s pristine 1-Wall courts. Top 1-Wall elite stars Timbo Gonzalez and Allan Sanchez led the clinic for the youngsters, teaching the stiff-arm kill, out the door serve, and finishing the clinic by teaming with the youngsters in doubles points. “It’s really great to see the top players taking such an interest in working with the kids,” stated Florida Cup co-tournament director Mike Dembin. “It was really cool to have the kids on the court and enjoying themselves.”

Following the clinic, eight of the juniors played in the first JR WPH ranking tournament of 2018. “Little Solo” cruised to the final in the upper bracket, while LJ Dejesus advanced to the final in the bottom bracket. The youngsters demonstrated outstanding skills and even better sportsmanship during the sensational match, high-fiving one another on several occasions after good shots. Both junior stars served at 20-20 three times, with LJ ultimately closing out the match and winning the JR WPH Florida Cup title. Congratulations to all of the junior players and huge thanks to Solo Dolo, Timbo Gonzalez, and Allan Sanchez with helping to inspire the junior players.


2018 UWF Argo Classic Tournament (January): With a tremendous amount of local support from players like Bob Van Dyke and Joel Levy, this year’s Argo Classic Tournament was a huge success. The 2018 UWF Argo Classic Tournament had a record number of participants, and with some creative bracket management, all of the players played a minimum of three matches. Current UWF Handball Club President Ashley Gilliam did a tremendous job throughout the weekend of keeping the tournament on schedule and on time with minimal delay between matches, which as many tournament directors know is no easy task.   

This year’s competition attracted collegiate players from Missouri State University, University of Texas, Texas A&M, and as always, a strong representation from our University of West Florida team. The UWF team has even started attracting interest from our varsity sports coaching staff, including our softball coaches, who excelled in their brackets.

Missouri State stars Sam Esser and Max Langmack met in the Men’s Open Singles final, with Esser edging his teammate in two close games. Christina Pecaut ensured a Missouri State slam in the open singles brackets, ousting Missouri State teammate Taylor Rumping in an 11-7 tiebreaker in the Women’s Open Singles final.

Overall this year’s tournament was a great success, and the event would not have been possible without the continued support of our local players, team members, and the WPH and USHA.  Thank you to everyone that helped and came out to this year’s event, looking forward to seeing you next time.

“JR WPH is extremely proud to support the UWF Handball Club and the Argo Classic Tournament,” stated WPH Development Director David Fink. “The UWF Handball Club exemplifies exactly what JR WPH aims to create; an opportunity for young people to learn and love the sport of handball in a positive and fun environment. Thank you to Coach Morgan, Ashley Gilliam, and all of the UWF players for making the UWF handball program one of the best in the country.”


Junior WPH Singles at the ’18 Iceman (January): The 2018 WPH Iceman featured several dozen junior handball stars from Northern and Southern California. The youngsters took center stage at the Iceman, displaying exceptional skills and sportsmanship in Stockton’s biggest event. Junior national champion David Sanchez iii added another trophy to his mantle, winning the 19 and under singles, Louis Montes, Jr picked up his first JR WPH singles title in the 15 and under, while Tristen Hernandez captured the 10 and under singles.

“The WPH is extremely proud to provide opportunities for the next generation of handball players to play alongside the elite players in family-friendly events,” stated WPH Development Director David Fink. “Thank you to all of the junior players for their passion for the game and their sportsmanship, and thank you to WPH Outdoor Iceman tournament director Angel Hernandez for giving the youngsters the opportunity to shine.”

19 and under

1st: David Sanchez III

2nd: Marquis Mitchell

3rd: Louis Montes

15 and under

1st: Louis Montes, Jr

2nd: Antonio Rojas

3rd: Mateo Erazo

10 and under

1st: Tristen Hernandez

2nd: Victor Serrato

3rd: Daniel Sanchez


JR WPH Clinic in Montana (January): WPH Master Instructor David Fink hosted an exciting junior clinic for youngsters attending the R48 Montana Red Death tournament, with the youngsters having an opportunity to enjoy some court time at one of the country’s best handball events. Coach Fink taught the sidearm stroke, the serve, and organized a rally game to conclude the clinic. “Having fun is the most important aspect of playing handball,” stated Coach Fink. “If you are having fun, you will improve, and the better you get, the more fun handball becomes.”


JR WPH Harry Mellis Clinic in Manhattan (February): The JR WPH Harry Mellis junior handball program proudly hosted a junior handball clinic and Fun Day for more than a dozen junior handball players between the ages of 15-19 at Manhattan’s Westside YMCA on the second Saturday in February. JR WPH Harry Mellis Coaches Danielle Daskalakis and Sandy Ng were joined by multiple-time national champion Cesar Sala and Harry Mellis graduates Steven Woo and Kody Yan in coaching 4-Wall serves, back wall drills, 2-bounce games, and singles and doubles games with the coaches. Pizza and refreshments were provided for the youngsters after an afternoon of learning and playing alongside several of the game’s best coaches and players.

“The WPH has been a great supporter of our Youth Handball program throughout the years,” stated Lucria Ortiz, Esq., Senior Director of Fund Development & Communications, YMCA of Greater New York. “Thank you to the WPH for that commitment to our kids and their development in the sport. We are excited to have cemented a partnership with the WPH and we are grateful to have (JR WPH Harry Mellis Coach) Danielle on staff.”

“The WPH cannot thank Danielle and Sandy enough for their incredible commitment to giving back to the sport,” stated WPH Development Director David Fink. “Danielle and Sandy have earned worldwide acclaim for their sensational handball accomplishments, and are doing even more to grow the sport with the next generation of players. Thank you to Danielle, Sandy, Cesar, and all of the coaches and players associated with one of the country’s premiere junior handball programs at the Westside YMCA in Manhattan.”

The JR WPH Harris Mellis program practices twice a week, transitioning from the Big Ball to Small Ball each semester. Each lesson starts with handball drills and ends with various games designed to implement the lessons from the drills and to have fun. JR WPH Harry Mellis Coach Sandy Ng has an exciting junior tournament planned for this weekend at the Westside YMCA.

Read all of the 2018 JR WPH initiatives here: https://juniorhandball.com/jr-wph-reviewing-18/

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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