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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 3/10/19-


Final: D. Cordova vs. Fink

Danos and Fink entered Sunday’s Hall of Fame final with a 3-3 lifetime record against one another–the final would give Cordova his second R48 title and Fink his first.

Fink scored four points in the first inning in the final, surging to a 4-0 lead. Danos quickly tied the match at five, scoring with fly kills and blistering two-wall passes. Danos continued to outplay Fink, building a 13-5 lead and firmly in control of the match. Fink managed to rally to 9-14, but a Danos right-corner kill ended the game. Danos played even better in game two, giving Fink very few opportunities and executing his opportunities with both hands. The match was just a formality with Danos leading 12-5, and Danos wrapped up his second R48 title of the season with three more kills.


“Daniel just didn’t give me many opportunities, he neutralized my serve, he kept the pressure on, he moved well, he overpowered me, and he was just a lot better than me,” stated Fink.

Danos won five matches in Tucson without dropping one game and not surrendering more than 11 points in any game, a truly dominant performance for the Mexican star.

Final: D. Cordova def Fink 15-9, 15-6



Future R48 pro Jeff Streibig won four matches in the 9th place playoffs, including defeating ranked R48 pros Max Langmack and Abraham Montijo en route to the final and defeating his weekly sparring partner Mike Benkelman in the final.

Vic Perez won fifth for the third time this season, defeating Emmett Peixoto for the third time this season.

5th Place Final: Perez def Peixoto 25-16

9th Place Final: Streibig def Benkelman 25-8

2019 R48LTE Hall of Fame Finishes

1st: D. Cordova

2nd: Fink


tied 3rd: Lenning/L. Cordova

5th: Perez

6th: Peixoto

tied 7th: Chavez/Canales, Jr.

9th: Streibig

Women’s Classic


Ashley Moler ousted Tracy Davis in the Women’s Classic final, playing some of the best ball of her career en route to one of the best wins of her career. Moler played masterfully in the final, moving the living legend from corner to corner, using her power fist shots, ceiling balls, and roll outs to win in two games.

“I was playing well but I was really choking at the end,” chuckled Moler. “I was up 20-13 and Tracy got to 16. Luckily, I was able to finish it off.”

“Ashley and I have been training together and she’s been playing great and she played even better in today’s final,” stated WPH ED David Vincent. “This is a big win for her and I know the locals are thrilled for her.”

Hall of Fame

35+  Emmett Peixoto

40+ David Fink


45+ Marcos Chavez

50+ Chris Tico

55+ Sunny Roberts

60+ Phil Kirk

65+ Glenn Carden

70+ Merv Deckert

75+ James Ward

80+ Norm Young


Women’s Open:

Ashley Moler

Women’s 5th:

Rebecca Mulholland

Men’s Open Doubles:


Men’s A:

David Sanchez II


Men’s B:

Andres Cordova

Men’s B Dubs:

Garcia Jr/E. Cordova

Men’s C:

Andres Sandoval

Men’s C Doubles:


Legends of Handball:

Stan Chapman/James Caton

Thank you!


Thank you to Vern Roberts, Matt Krueger, Kena Byrd-Jackson, Vince San Angelo, Charlie Wicker, Dave Vincent, Lolita de Vincent, and all of the volunteers who made the 2019 25th anniversary Hall of Fame tournament such a huge success. “We loved having the WPH join us and we loved having the top women’s and master’s players here,” stated Vern Roberts.

More info and brackets from the 2019 R48LTE USHA Hall of Fame HERE

For more coverage from the 2019 R48LTE USHA Hall of Fame go to ushandball.org

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

Read all of the recaps here: https://wphlive.tv/29931-2/

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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