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Rankings/Race Points Through Race Stop #7 

  • Rankings/Race events are comprised of Idaho, U.S. Open, Tucson, Fresno, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, LAAC

1. Moreno         58

2. Lenning         52

2. Alvarado         48

4. Garner         31.5

5. Shanks         27

6. Fink         20.5

7. Chapman         18.5

8. Cordova         14.5

9. Nett                 14.25

10. McCarthy 10

11. Morales         9.75

12. Ortiz         8.25

13. Peixoto         7.75

14. Little         7

15. Perez         5

16. Keegan         4

17. M. Chavez 3.5

18. Bike         3.25

19. Wilson         1.5

20. C. Chavez 1.25

  • The Top 8 Race point earners through Race Stop #7 at the L.A.A.C. will be invited to the 8 Player Players Championship at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle, Washington May 18-20. 
  • Moreno, Lenning, Alvarado, Garner, Shanks, Fink, Cordova, and Nett have accepted their invites to The Player's Championship in Seattle

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1. Players earn points by qualifying and competing in any race stop. Players may receive points for finishing in the top 8 of a USHA 4-Wall Nationals and/or the top 8 in a Simple Green U.S. Open or other (TBD) "open" major format.

The 2011-2012 Race for 8 season will allocate the same amount of points for every race stop, and will also include the 2011 USHA 4-Wall Nationals with the same amount of points as each race event; 2011 USHA National results will drop off after stop #7 (LAAC).

Ties will be broken by head-to-head records within the rankings period, if possible. Ties that cannot be broken by head-to-head matchups will be broken by a random lottery draw when necessary to determine invites and seeding.

The WPH reserves the right to include one “Wildcard” invite to all Race For 8 events. The “Wildcard” is a player not sufficiently ranked to earn an invite, but invited because of past success in pro competition; Note: WPH has not instituted the "wild card" this Race Season!

5. The Rankings will be a seven tournament rolling system. Events will be immediately removed after seven events or 12 months. If an event is not held in the next year, that event will be removed. If an event is played, the previous year’s event will be immediately replaced in favor of the most recent version.
6. The Rankings reflect total points accrued by players. There is not a multiplier, best 7 out of 9, or any other format.

7. The Rankings will be updated within 48 hours of each ranking tournament
8. Race for 8 points breakdown:

Race for 8 without playoff (Plummer 2011): 1st: 10, 2nd: 8, tie 3rd: 6, tie 5th: 4, tie 9th: 2 ~ Race for 8 with playoff: 1st: 10, 2nd: 8, tie 3rd: 6, 5th: 4, 6th: 3.5, tie 7th: 3.5, 9th: 2, 10th: 1.5, tie 11th: 1.25

9. The winner of the Race, "The Player's Champion", will be determined only by points earned in the Eight Race Events. The Invite to Seatlle will be determined by the first seven stops.
10.WPH Ranking Committee MAY switch #3/#4 or #5/#6 and/or #7/#8 seeds to avoid repeat conflicts after back-to-back-to-back-tournaments. WPH will alert all players no later than one week before the next pro event with all draws/seeds. (ie email) Qualifier conflicts will also be controlled by avoiding repeat match-ups.

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