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Tucson, AZ, January 25th, 2010-  Legendary handball player Pat Kirby stops into the WPH headquarters (seen on the far left next to WPH board member Fred Banfield) on Monday to purchase new Owen Gloves and Ektelon Handballs from the WPH webstore (http://www.thehandballstore.com) before heading off to Ireland next week.  Kirby, highly regarded as one of the best players of our time, laments about the greats of the game, the old pro tour, today's best and his love of handball.  "Jimmy Jacobs was the greatest player I ever faced." Claims Kirby after endless probing on the subject from WPH Exec Director, Dave Vincent.  "Dave Chapman and Paul Brady have the best mindset."
Kirby lives in Tucson, AZ and still thinks of handball and the good ole days regularly.  Kirby was the pioneer in making the transition from 60x30 handball to the 40x20 game of today.

DV:  Can I take a picture of you for the website?  I promise not to sell it.
Kirby:  This picture and $4.00 wouldn't even buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

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Pat Kirby and I spoke about Jimmy Jacobs, Naty Alvarado, Paul Haber, Stuffy Singer, Fred Lewis, and Vic H., during his visit to the office yesterday.  Pat told me that Jimmy Jacobs could play with today´s players and win.  He also mentioned that Paul Haber was crafty and very headstrong and confident, but Jacobs was more crafty on the court; often utilizing hooks in the rallies, pinpoint crack serves and amazing two wall passes.  Kirby stopped playing handball after artificial joints were put in his hip, knee and shoulder.  He remarkably had no injuries during his career, except an Irish Hurling accident to his left shoulder that limited his left handed roof shot.  He said, ¨I didn´t use the roof much anyway.  I killed the ball every change I could get.¨
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DV wrote: He said, ¨I didn´t use the roof much anyway.  I killed the ball every chance I could get.¨

thats the way to play handball
I came, I saw, I put it into the floor...
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