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Mine would be Kennedy/Jensen v Keegan/McCann, 60x30 senior doubles final two years ago.

This game went to a tiebreaker (three 21's) and all four players were on fire in front of a packed Croke Park.

After that would be the World Open Singles final in 2003 between Paul Bradyand Tony Healy, another tiebreaker and plenty of drama.

Also, the 40x20 senior doubles final (another Croker epic) from about 2000 when O'Connor/Sheridan pipped Brady/Finnegan in a class match where the crowd were going mental, the players were arguing and the pressure was intense.

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Ricky McCann's victory over John Bike at the CLC in San Francisco (2005)

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Ducksie an DJ -V- Sheridan and O'Connor.

Happened in Leixlip years ago.

Had to be finished in Maynooth because it got so wet after about 2 and half hours.

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Humm, seen a bunch, Doubles - Doug Glatt/Rod Prince, beat Dennis Haynes/Randy Morones back a few Nationals ago., Sensational Action.
R.I.P. Doug, good friend, fiery lefty - Doubles was his forte.
The Game last year with Sean Lenning and Paul Brady over Fountain Valley way was oooooooooo La La !
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I'm not sure about the greatest Live match i've seen but the 2006 Simple Green Open Final on DVD between Brady & Alvarado was unreal.It went to a tiebreaker and the standard was top-class

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Probably not the greatest match in terms of how close it was, but the awesomest handball I've ever seen was a National 1-wall match in the mid to late 90's between Durso and Tati.  Durso was doing his angle overhand serve off the court to the left which can be really tough for a 4-waller since the type of difficult lob return most might use is not really ever hit in 4 or 3 wall.  Tati got frustrated trying to return it safe and decided to go the rest of the match with spiking it down the far right cross-corner from 20 feet away and off the left side of the court.  He fell short but I think he pushed it to a tiebreaker with this crazy-to-watch low percentage but super-exciting strategy.  Throw in the typical Durso smack-talk and some counter-stares from Tati and this was the most fun match I ever saw, hands-down. 

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Emmett Fitzpatrick and Billy Hau vs Angel Marquez and Buddy Gannt at the Astoria Indoor One Wall Courts.

Two games took the entire second session.

Angel and Buddy are the two best players I ever saw with DC and Vince being the others in Four Wall and Three Wall respectively.

An Honorable mention was Jon Iglasias and Jurell Bastidas playing for the City Championship in PSAL.

Also Victor LoPierre Vs Medhi the year before in the individuals

Ceasar over Eddie Masonette for the Title. The best I have ever seen ceasar play.
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Herd tell, Sean Lenning sent D. Chapman to the Horsepital, exhaustion over Toledo Way ? That musta been a good one too.  Hummm, Sean also ripped many of the New Yawker 1-Wall & 3 Wall legends over the last few years. He might have taken V. Munoz out that one year when the drizzle fizzled the Toledo Outdoor 3 Wall Finale, but lost indoors .

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1. Brian Carroll Vs Chip Morales - 2007 Collegiates Semi-Final

2. Joe McCann Vs Charly Shanks - 2005(??) Intervarsity Semi-final

3. Sinto In croke park
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All of Peter Bonners matches.

Just amazingly gorgeous and graceful.

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1985 Rainbow Beach Singles.

Naty Alvarado  Vs. John Bike
11-10 Breaker
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So, John Bike was 16 years old and Sr. was in his prime.

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that doubles game between Meath and Cavan was brilliant

the most intense atmosphere i've ever witnessed at a handball match

the two sets of supporters were mad

players were hyped up to no end

good handball too

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I could be wrong about the year...John was older than 16.
It was a tournament that Naty didnt want to play,however my uncle Benny died (we dedicated the tournament to him) ...Naty always liked him so he flew in to play.
John was winning maybe 9-0 in the breaker...The ref made a bad call which gave John 10...John even thought it was a bad call so on his next serve he put it into the ground on purpose(How classy is that)...All of the "Mexicans" from the beach started yelling and cheering for Naty in spanish...he called a time out came back in and won 11-10 on I believe only two service opportunities.

It was amazing.

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Seems like I've posted this many times before, but the '92 Four Wall Semi between Tati and Kendler was the best I've ever seen. Kendler won the first 12, then got to 20 in the second and had multiple serves at match point. Tati came back and won the second. And again in the breaker, Kendler got to 10 first and had multiple chances at match point and Tati got him out each time. I seem to remember Kendler hitting a three wall to Tati's left that hugged the back wall which Tati rolled from 40 feet a bunch of times.

James Komsthoeft.
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It was recent and a match you reffed, James, what about Lenning vs Brady? 07 US Open.

Healy vs Kennedy in the Worlds semis of 06 was a doozie!
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