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This match is set for this month.

Can we get more info?

Who set it up (John Dolan??)?

Where is it?

Why is it happening?

Is it happening?

Did I leave the Coffee Pot on at home?

When is it happening?


Upcoming Events

Gaelic Handball Pro Exhibition and Novice Tournament/Clinic

2008/01/12 - 2008/01/14 Gold’s Gym (Yokohama) & Tokyo YMCA

Pro-Am play:

12 January 2008, 10:00-16:00

at Gold's Gym (Bashamichi, Yokohama)

Main Exhibition:

14 January 2008, 11:00~17:00

at Tokyo YMCA (Toyocho, Tokyo)

The events are open to all handball players or those interested in handball or other Gaelic games. There is no charge for the exhibition.  A novice tournament including teaching time with the pros will also be held the day of the exhibition, for which participants must pay one thousand yen. No experience is necessary. There will be a charge of seven thousand yen for the reception/buffet party after the exhibition. Reservations may be made the day of the event, though prior notice would be appreciated if possible.

Please contact John Dolan for further information.

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1,000 yen!!

Are you nuts?!
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GemmaFerguson wrote: 1,000 yen!!

Are you nuts?!

The story actually says, 7 thousand yen.

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A novice tournament including teaching time with the pros will also be held the day of the exhibition, for which participants must pay one thousand yen.

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This looks like a great event and the fact that these two have given up their time to make the trip speaks volumes about their dedication to the game's future.

Janters gonna jante
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Eoin K. 21 KoKoRock 12

Eoin K. 21 KoKoRock 9
Weight watch; 238 lbs, down from 268 lbs on March 3rd; oops, back up to 249 as of 11/28/11; pinche, now 260 (08/09/12)
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I do want to add-

Emmett Peixoto does a lot for the game of handball.  He gets criticized (by me as much as others) because he can take it -and- he is gutsy enough to put his own image on the line.  Emmett is a very good ambassador of handball, as he travels across the globe and NEVER turns down an opportunity to play ball with jr's, adults, non-handball players, etc.  Sure, he has had his brushes with handball authorities from time-to-time, but much of that was based on a drinking habit that has now been extinguished.  Both Eoin and Emmett were selected to play in Japan based on their passion for the sport and because they truly care about this game (start to finish).

Emmett's game vs. Eoin will be for the fans of handball and can go either way.  Regardless of the score, the fact that two top players are flying across the pond to play in Japan should be front page news on ALL handball websites!

Thanks for spreading goodwill, guys!

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I fear this match isn't getting the attention it deserves. Eoin and I have never played each other. We have been talking about what would happen if we played each other for quite some time. In my opinion Eoin and I have an extremely similar style of play. We never do anything spectacular but we keep ourselves in the game with intelligent shots that most people do not recognize as great. I think we are going to have a battle if I can manage to stay focused and not to turn the match into a entertaining circus for the crowd. This match is huge. Eoin and I are representing Irish and American handball to a country that is interested in it. This should be all over the message board, and all over this and the USHA site. The USHA has not even contacted me. Lets get this started. Who is going to win? Let's put up the odds and start betting. David Chapman will be the bookie.
Emmett Peixoto
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jammy bastids.

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Send my regards to Dolan.

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I think it has been held silent for some time because nobody knew about it.  I had to ask relatives of yours for info.  I finally went on a Japan-based newspaper and found the scoop.

We will post more when we get more info back from Japan.

Are you guys playing with the Red Ace or Challenger?  What ball do the Japanese play with?

Why do I ask these questions when I know you won't answer them, EP? I mean, I asked a whole series of questions previously and you ignorred them, then blame us for not covering the event.

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The word from the Japanese Handball Association is that El Rock will be playing Eoin The Surgeon Kennedy in a 1 game to 21 exhibition match. The Rock is hoping to convince the Japanese Handball Association to play a regulation 2 out of 3 game match. They will be playing with the USHA ball. The exhibition will take place on January 14th, and is a very highly anticipated clash between 2 of the best players in the world.

The Rock suffers from some sort of inferiority complex when it comes to his handball game. He sees himself as some sort of blue collar grinder without the talent and sizzle of his contemporaries in the top 5. All of those who have seen the Rock know this could not be farther from the truth. He has the best off hand in the game, and is the only player in the game who can consistently roll the ball out flat with his left from 35+ feet. His speed is spectacular, and his retrieving ability produces many of the best rallies in every tournament. He is nearly the most exciting player in todays game, despite feeling under-appreciated by handball galleries.

The Surgeon earned his nickname (from me) for his ability to systematically pick apart his opponents. He never makes a mistake, and he forces his opponents to beat him. He is as tenacious as he is consistent, and this combination is what has made him nearly unbeatable amongst the worlds best. His stellar performance at the CLC proved he does not struggle with the USHA ball, as he defeated the top 2 Americans consecutively.

This is a very difficult match to predict, but I will state objectively that the Rock will win this match. If the Rock is playing at the top of his game, I see him winning convincingly. If the Rock plays in the dreamland we witnessed at the CLC and the USHA Nationals, he will lose. The Rock has been eagerly anticipating this match for several months, and I expect him to be the focused and determined player that was once ranked #1 on the pro tour.
WPH Youth and Donor Development Director
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What a great post!

I would however like to add that it is Further and not Farther from the Truth.

Having trouble sleeping sorry about that.

Michael F Watson
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What will Fink do while his teammate is gone?
a.  Fly home to PGH?
b.  Stay on EP's couch regardless
c.  Fly with EP to Japan?
d.  Who knows?

PS.  Not a fan of a one game expo between the Rock and the Surgeon; would like the full match here!!!  Why when speaking about EP or any other player's potential to beat another player you have to use the phrase "if"?  "If" EP's head is in it he will win.  "If" he is having a good day, he will win.

Hogwash!  "If" EP has a bad day it will be ...  because Eoin the Surgeon makes him have a bad day.

EXPECT A BAD DAY FROM EP!  This means Fink, get your IFs ready!!!

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Handball: High hopes for Kennedy as Japanese clash looms

Wednesday January 09 2008

EOIN KENNEDY will fly to the land of the rising sun today to participate in exhibition games in Yokohama and Tokyo.

"I'm really excited about the trip and it's always great to get the chance to test yourself against top players from other countries, no matter where the games are played," said Kennedy.

The six day trip will see the current Irish 60x30 Champion renew rivalries with one of America's finest handballers, Emmet Peixoto (California).

"These two meetings promise to be extra special due to the unique location of the games and it will hopefully help to raise the profile of the game in Japan and attract new players," the NUIM lecturer said.

Peixoto was one of the six representatives on the defeated USA Casey Lawlor Cup team, which saw Kennedy and his Irish counterparts win the prestigious event for the first time.

In fact, it was the Dubliner who put the nail in the US coffin when he defeated former US number one, Naty Alvarado Junior and the Castleknock man will be hoping to continue his winning ways when he meets the Californian later this week.

"Emmet is a great player and this will be a massive occasion for both of us," said the 28-year-old.


Kennedy continues a long family tradition in playing at the top of his game on the handball circuit. His father, Eugene is a decorated player and continues to contest Master All-Irelands on an annual basis.

Although now representing Dublin, it was growing up in Roscommon where the elder Kennedy attuned his handball skills. In fact, Eoin's grandfather, Paddy Kennedy, won an All-Ireland Junior Doubles title for the Rossies in 1938.

Now the youngest of the Kennedy handball clan has a new goal, to go where no man has gone before.

"Last year was a great year for me and I would like to try and replicate some of that success again," he said.

"No player in the history of the game has won the All-Ireland 40x20, 60x30 and handball singles titles in the one year and it has always been a goal of mine to try and achieve that."

Having won all three titles in different years, Kennedy knows he is not far from his dream, but will 2008 be his year? The game has just begun.

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Pro Handball Exhibition Commemorating 80 Years in Japan




The sport of Handball was introduced to Japan in 1927, after the first court was built at the Kanda YMCA in Tokyo. Although the Kanda YMCA is no more, the game continues to be played at various venues around the country. In recognition of all those who have taught, played, and promoted the game over the years, the Japan Wall Handball Association is planning a Pro Handball Exhibition, clinics, and a novice tournament, to be held in Tokyo and Yokohama in January of 2008. Eoin Kennedy will represent Ireland and Emmett Peixoto the U.S. in this match between two of the worlds top handball pros. Both of the players are known not only for their exceptional handball skills but also as generous promoters of the game among youth in their countries and abroad. We have high expectations that this event will promote new interest in the sport in Japan as well as encourage those who have already taken up the game.


Sponsors and Supporters

Sponsor: Japan Wall Handball Association

Supporters: Tokyo YMCA Toyocho Wellness Center;Golds Gym (Bashamichi, Yokohama)



1.    Big Blue Ball Tournament (soft ball for novices)

2.    Pro Exhibition Match

3.    Teaching Clinics by the Pros

4.    Pro/Am doubles

5.    Reception and Party



January 2008

12        Clinic and Pro/Am at Golds Gym (Bashamichi, Yokohama)

            Welcome party in Chinatown

13        Clinic and Pro/Am at Tokyo YMCA  (Toyocho)

14        Novice BB Tournament and Pro Exhibition at YMCA          Ceremony and Reception / Buffet at Hotel East 21


The events are open to all handball players or those interested in learning the sport.. There is no charge for the exhibition.  A novice tournament including teaching time with the pros will also be held the day of the exhibition, for which participants must pay one thousand yen. No experience is necessary. There will be a charge of seven thousand yen for the reception/buffet party after the exhibition. Reservations may be made the day of the event, though prior notice would be appreciated if possible. Please contact John Dolan for further information.





Profiles of Invited Pros

Eoin Kennedy

Dublin, Ireland

World Pro Handball Ranking No.5

28 years old, lecturer in Electronic Engineering, NUI Maynooth

Representing St. Brigids, Blanchardstown

9 All-Ireland Senior Singles titles (4 60x30, 1 40x20, 4 hardball)

3 All-Ireland Senior Doubles titles (2 60x30, 1 40x20)

3 Irish Nationals Mens Open Singles titles (40x20)

Winner of International Collegiate Singles title

Winner of USHA and Canadian Open Singles titles

Numerous underage All-Ireland, USHA and World titles, etc.

online profile:



Emmett Peixoto   

Watsonville, California, U.S.A.

World Pro Handball Ranking No.4

25 years old, singer / songwriter

1998 16 and under 3-Wall National Champion

2000 19 and under Junior Champion

2003 National Collegiate Doubles (Ricardo Diaz) Champion

2004 National Collegiate Singles Champion

2005 Pro Stop (Milwaukee, WI) Singles Champion

2005 Pro Stop (Milwaukee, WI) Doubles Champion (David Vincent)

2006 Pro Stop (Seattle, WA) Doubles Champion (Chris Tico)  

Online profile:

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I was suprised to see this thread still on the first page.  I played Eoin one game today.  It was over an hour long. He won 21-15.  The big exhibition is coming soon.  Are there any bets or ideas who will win, or is this thread going to make its way to the bottom of the page again?

Emmett Peixoto
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Eoin will win game two, game three, game four, etc.  Eoin is the #2 active player right now, TIED with Healy!


#5 shouldn't always beat #2
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      Didn't you say on the US OPEN thread that you thought Allan Garner has the best off hand in the game?  Or am I mistaken?

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AG and El Rock have very similar left hands. I would favor the Rock's left because it is slightly more consistent. AG can roll the ball flatter with his left, but is prone to skipping a few. El rock will rarely miss with his left, and consistently ends rallies from deep in the court with his left. The Rock's right hand...well, that is a different story.
WPH Youth and Donor Development Director
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Why isn't Garner better than EP?  Garner has the same left and better right.  Both with tremendous power!

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shot selection.

Emmett Peixoto
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Good dude. El Rock will be holding a clinic in Detroit for the pros to tell them how he got to be so great.
WPH Youth and Donor Development Director
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And your point is...

Emmett Peixoto
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Hey Emmett,
Enjoy your trip, I got back from Japan last week...I would have liked to have been there to check out your games for sure. If you get a chance check out Shibuya and Harajuku in Tokyo. If you are going to Yokohama they have the tallest building in Japan, near a huge mall with a "Hard Rock Cafe".
I was totally impressed with their work ethics, the only thing I did not like is they don't have central heating in their homes. Outside it was basically the same temperature as in New York City...but since the humidity is so high it felt warmer. But the house got cold at night.
Good Luck,

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Thanks Jimmy. Eoin went to Shibuya last night and we are about to go hangout in Harajuku right now.  I agree about the work ethic...they are also the most organized and cleanest people I have ever seen. 

Anyway, the Tokyo YMCA was jam packed with spectators and Japanese media all awaiting the much publicized match between Eoin and I.  The exhibition was just a one game to 21 exhibition. 

I got off to an early start, jumping off to a 6-2 lead. Eoin rallied back to 5-6 but then I jumped off to another lead...9-6.  The rallies were very fast and hard (that's what she said) and we both hit a bit of a plateau at 11-9.  We both exchanged timeouts and then I started playing really aggressive. Eoin's serves weren't working for him when he needed them, and I won the game 21-12.  Since Eoin beat me two days prior, I suppose we will need to play the tie-breaker the next time we are in Tokyo. 

I want to thank the entire Japanese Handball Association for inviting us out here to play and treating us like family.  They would not let us pay for any of our meals and let's just say we@never went hungry.  It was a privilege and an honor to play Eoin, he is a great champion and individual and I look forward to playing him again in the near future.  

I highly recommend Tokyo to handballers that are wishing to travel.  The hospitality is overwhelming and the people are more than generous.  I would especially like to thank Nobeta San and John Dolan for all the time and effort they put into this event.  I hope to make another trip to Tokyo very soon.

-El Rock   
Emmett Peixoto
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Nice win, Emmett!  Wish we could have watched.  Was it taped by anyone? 

Can we get Kennedy onto this board at least for one post to comment on the trip and match? 
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5 and 11 huh Monster? You will be eating those words. Open wide
WPH Youth and Donor Development Director
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Samp, that's not really what I expect the scores to be.  Perhaps you've never taken "Pool/Contest Theory - 101"...  Anyway, I'll be happy to eat my words, eating is one of the things I am best at!   

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