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Biggest Combined Court-Sporting-Event On the Planet Details @

Correct written approval for the use of these pictures, as provided by the WPH/Thode, is nessesary.  Thanks

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Bruce Fabrizio's passion for promoting this game and its great

players is as bright and colorful as the Tommy Bahama shirts he

often wears. Nice interview from the gallery, Kara. Good work!

Don't forget, what happens in Los Cabalerros Village stays in Los Cab Village!

The 'Shadow' knows!

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Such a vast group of people to thank, it would be silly to TRY to name them all.  Bruce Fabrizio, Simple Green, and the Alvarado family (coupled with Shelgren, Cruz, Gilbert, Cain, etc.), just made this event fly!

Jeff Kastner and the filmers were superb.  Thanks a million!

In the booth I was impressed with Bike, Bell, Gawley, and especially Dave Woloshin.  Ken Moeller truly helped out with his efforts this past weekend.  Cool stuff!

DAVE FINK is my hero!  I totally enjoyed hanging with him this past weekend.  One, if not the most intriguing person I know and I cannot wait to hang with him again!

Very enjoyable event and now it is time to get a sponsor!

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I thought the crew did a great job, but Wolo commenting on Anna and racquetball was not cool.  I did not hear that much of him, but I hope he did not do that too many times.

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He did it twice.  I covered him on the 2nd attempt and nobody noticed.
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I heard the Bruce of Fabrizio here in Houston on AM radio, pitching Simple Green.  For a huge guy, he has a velvet voice.  No kidding, he is very engaging.  I hope he sells a billion $ more.

Weight watch; 238 lbs, down from 268 lbs on March 3rd; oops, back up to 249 as of 11/28/11; pinche, now 260 (08/09/12)
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Sales are 30% up for the year!  Let's keep it rolling!

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