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Biggest Combined Court-Sporting-Event On the Planet Details @

Correct written approval for the use of these pictures, as provided by the WPH/Thode, is nessesary.  Thanks

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Once I get to a DSL line I will shrink these up a bit so you can see them better and will add a whole slew more.  So, get ready for that!

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The Brady fist pump with Lenning on the ground in the background should be the poster for handball for the next fifty years.
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I agree. It kind of reminds me of the picture of Ali standing over Liston. Not quite the same, but still...
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Except that Brady is Liston in a handball analogy.
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Once we get all the pics, we will post them here.  The WPH hired Thode this time for exclusive pics of this tourney and Thode did a fab job.  Please contact us if you want to use these pics for your personal use.

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i think that sean played good and things happen in every great tournament.... i just say leave it all alone because it is the past and get ready KC tournament... sean is the next big thing in states and we can forget about emmite.. i am sorry if i spelled you name wroung..

how come everyone takes there time to kill it of the back wall? when you can kill it faster off the fly with some spin or a soft touch side center shot?

i play one wall... i just would like to get some understanding...
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Why take their time?  There is no need to hurry in 4-wall.  And, the better the shot is placed (FLAT), the better chance there is you win that point. Good mechanics take time, unless you are a "witch" like Naty Alvarado, Sr., who employed good mechanics in "effortless" warp speed.

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