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Just got word that a W.P.H. fan has a connection to Tati Silveyra and will be interviewing him.  We were wondering if you (MB'ers) had anything in particular that you wanted to learn, know, or find out regarding one of the greatest players to have played our game?


1.  It's been difficult tracking down Tati's age.  When is his Birthday?


2.  Are you a member of the USHA and what were your feelings after finding out you weren't selected to the American Squad of the Casey Lawlor Cup?


3.  Other great handball players look up to your game; Naty Alvarado Jr., Vince Munoz, Marcos Chavez, your brothers, etc.  How do you help new players and veterans improve?


4.  Speaking of your brother, how is David?



5.  Whose the best player you've played against?  Why?


We have many more questions to ask, but this is a start.  Please add your questions.





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"You traded national titles with David Chapman in the 90s - is it frustrating entering big tournaments now or are you satisfied with your decision not to pursue handball full time?"
The big bad world doesn't owe you a thing - get over it.
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1. Are you playing in the Alvarado Classic?

2. What will you do to prepare for the event?

3. What was your biggest Handball Victory?

4. Would you play in the Casey Lawlor Cup (Part II) if asked?

5. What do you think of the Irish Handball players, since your departure of competitive play two years ago?

6. Are you frustrated or happy with your play at the 2006 Nationals?

7. What, in your opinion, is the future of pro handball?
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Will you be coming to Atlanta in November for the first stop in the four wall Championship series?

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"Seeing some of your old videos, I was impressed by your power.  But, what I was really impressed by was how you jsut kept pouring it on...  Was this a result of training or is your stroke just that fluent?"


I can hit pretty damn hard, but if I don't try to conserve I'm struggling to clear the shortline halfway through the second game!  Thank goodness for those lob serves to help get through those early rounds... 

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When you were playing against David Chapman in the singles Finals
of the Nationals (in '94?) and were behind 6-0 in the tie-breaker,
can you remember what thoughts went thru your mind?
That was one of the greatest pressure comebacks in recent handball history.
How did you manage to turn the tide against a player of Chapman's calibre?
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1.  Will Tati start playing more tournaments now that he got a taste of competetive handball again?


2.  Why did Tati leave the game for a short time?


3.  Who was the first person to introduce handball to Tati?  (Coach Tony Huante??)


4.  What are Tati's thoughts of Naty Alvarado Sr.?


5.  What is the relationship between Tati, Vince Munoz, and Naty Jr?

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When is this interview actually taking place?

Just watched a great match between Tati and Jon Kendler - Semifinals, I think. Michigan Nationals 1992

A great action-packed match - even-steven right up to the end.

I'd still like to know how Tati manages to dead-kill the ball from such unorthodox shooting positions.
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The WPH isn't conducting the interview. Rather, A MB'er, and co-worker/friend of Tati's will be doing the interview; Jon Holguin (sp?). Better known as Joho. He had breakfast with Tati yesterday and asked him the first set of questions. If there are any questions that you'd like answered just post them here.
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