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Tyree K. Bastidas


“The Greatest Junior Player“


Date of Birth: 09/27/1990
Where you were born: Brooklyn, New York
Where you reside now: Brooklyn, New York
Right or Left Handed: Right, but use both well
Favorite Food: What I leave on the plate.
Favorite Drink: Mint Tea, Milk
Favorite Athlete (any sport): Pele
Last CD you bought: None—just mega downloads to my iPod

Last movie you attended: “The Wrestler “

Coaches: Mike Watson and Paul Williams
Biggest handball victory: winning the Junior National Three Wall Championships; the seventeen and nineteen and under singles divisions in the same tournament.




Handball National Championships



July----One wall Junior Nationals----------13 and under----Singles


May----One wall Junior Nationals----------15 and under----Singles

May--- One wall Junior Nationals----------15 and under---Doubles

August-Three wall Junior Nationals--------15 and under----Singles


May----One wall Junior Nationals----------15 and under----Singles

July---Three wall Junior Nationals---------15 and under----Doubles

August--Three wall Junior Nationals--------15 and under----Singles

September--One wall Nationals--------Men’s C division-----Singles

December---Four wall Junior Nationals----17 and under-- -Doubles


May----Four wall Junior Nationals (Canada) 17 and under--Singles

June----Four wall Nationals------------Men’s B division------Singles

July----Three wall Junior Nationals---------17 and under-----Singles

August---One wall Nationals---------Men’s A division-------Doubles

September--Three wall Junior Nationals----17 and under----Singles

September--Three wall Junior Nationals----19 and under----Singles

October-One wall Junior Nationals (big blue)-17 and under Singles

October-One wall Junior Nationals (big blue) 19 and under-Doubles

December--Four wall Junior Nationals-----17 and under-----Singles


March--Four wall Nationals (Ireland) ----------17 and under Singles

May-Four wall Nationals (Canada)-Men’s open, Doubles division finalist

June-Four wall Nationals-----------------------19 and under---Singles

June- One wall Junior Nationals-------------17 and under-----Singles

June- One wall Junior Nationals--------------17 and under---Doubles

July- Three wall Junior Nationals--------------17 and under---Singles

July- Three wall Junior Nationals-------------19 and under---Doubles

December--Four wall Junior Nationals-----19 and under------Singles

World Records

August 2006; One Wall World Championships, (Canada) fifteen and under Singles Division


New York High School Championships


June- 2005 Midwood H.S.-PSAL- N.Y.C. Handball Championship

April 2006 High School Spring Meet------15 and under Singles

April 2007 High School Spring Meet------17 and under Singles

April 2007 High School Spring Meet------19 and under Singles

April 2008 High School Spring Meet------17 and under Singles

April 2008 High School Spring Meet------19 and under Singles

May- 2008 Midwood H.S.-PSAL-N.Y.C. Handball Championship

May- 2008 Midwood H.S.-PSAL.-N.Y.C. Singles Championship


“Tyree left his mark in the Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) and the High School Spring Meet Championships, by crushing the competition. Tyree is part of the biggest junior handball surge in New York in recent memory.”

Paul Williams, President


Local  and Regional Tournaments


November 2004 Albany Open Men’s C Doubles division.

November 2004 Albany Open, 15 and under Singles division

July 2005 Mayor’s Cup 15 and under Singles division

July 2005 Mayor’s Cup 17 and under Doubles division

November 2005 Albany Open, 19 and under Singles division

November 2005 Albany Open, Men’s B Doubles division

March 2006 Four Wall N/E Regional 19 & under Singles division.

June 2006 ACE Tour Tournament 17 and under Singles division

July 2006 Mayor’s Cup 15 and under Singles division

November 2006 Albany Open, 19 and under Singles division

July 2007  8th Citywide Big Blue 17 and under Singles division.

August 2007  6th Big Blue Junior 17 and under Singles division.

October 2007 The 39th Golden Horseshoe (Canada) Open Singles division

October 2007-The39th Golden Horseshoe (Canada) Open Doubles division

December 2007-The Warren Chase Open Tournament (MA) Singles division

February 2008--MHA State Four Wall (MI) Open Singles division

March 2008 Four Wall N/E Regional Open Singles finalist.

August 2008 Three Wall N/E Regional Open Singles finalist

August 2008 Three Wall N/E Regional Open Doubles finalist

July 2008 ACE Tournament 19 and under Singles division

July 2008 Mayor’s Cup Men’s Open Singles division finalist

July 2008 Mayor’s Cup Men’s Pro-Am Singles division

October 2008 New England Tournament (NH) Open Singles division

October 2008 New England Tournament (NH) Open Doubles division

November 2008 HES Tournament Open Singles division finalist

November 2008 Albany Open, Men’s Open Singles division

November 2008 Albany Open, Men’s Open Doubles division


Quote from: “HANDBALLERS”, The Documentary/Movie, Scheduled release Spring 2009


Tyree Bastidas has lived up to this ambition by winning and leading in tournament competition across the world and the United States during the past five years.


Tyree, a junior one wall player, has won at least eight Open titles outside New York. Tyree has just become the only teenager to have won and slammed in the Open division in two different countries in less than a year.


Firstar Sports sponsored and “junior phenom” (WPH), Tyree Bastidas, has been recognized as one of the best junior players to ever grace the game. Tyree was named to the inaugural Firstar World Pro Handball Top Player List for 2008.


Tyree recently stunned the handball community by reaching the finals of Regional Three and Four Wall Open tournaments. And also, by taking on Satish Jagnandan, the four time One Wall Open National Champion, into a tiebreaker in the finals of the prestigious “Mayor’s Cup” One Wall Tournament, thus becoming the only seventeen year old to have accomplished such a feat.


With twenty five National Titles and numerous milestones, Tyree is regarded as the “greatest junior handball player the game has ever seen”. Statistics shows no one has ever accomplished this record.

It’s a record that will never be surpassed.

Suffice is to say that Tyree Bastidas is an athlete of once in a generation achievement and a true credit to New York.


New York sensation Tyree Bastidas, has already earned a place in history as “The Greatest”, for his amazing junior handball record. Noted for his remarkable handball skills in One, Three and Four wall codes, Tyree is proficient in the use of both the small and big ball. Tyree’s desire for handball by his playing is to restore and bring back to New York, the glorious times of Oscar Obert and Vic Hershkowitz.


Tyree is looking to achieve what he considers the “final frontier” of handball; that is to win the Open Singles in One, Three and Four Wall National Championships.


Tyree is hoping to become the first man to hold both honor titles as the greatest “Junior” and “Open” player in the history of the game.


Tyree, along with Tracy Davis, National Champion, are currently the subjects of the Movie/Documentary, “HANDBALLERS”--to date it is the most comprehensive film dedicated to the subject of the game.  


The film explores the world of handball through the day to day lives of these two universally talented players-- following them at home, in training and the tournaments they are competing in, around the United States. The film has been shot on location in New York, Ohio and California.


Currently in principal photography, the shooting is scheduled to close in late January, 2009. The edited version is tentatively scheduled for release in late Spring of 2009. The release venue is yet to be determined.


“Tyree is a complete athlete. His dedication to the production of this film and to the game, for such a young man, has been to my estimation without peer. Watching his skill grow, coupled with his frankness in interviews and open heart, have given the documentary a unique and out-of-the-box look at this time honored game and sports culture.”

                                                                                                V.B. Paravati, Director/Producer



New York coaches on Tyree:


“I remember when Tyree came to me for the first time, He asked me to help him to become a champion, as others kids have done in the past. But Tyree’s request was different. I saw in his eyes he was determined to be a champion and I knew right away he would deliver sooner or later. So, I welcomed him into the ICHA family and I’m delighted to be part of his great achievements.”

Paul Williams, President



“After training with Tyree during the first year, I came to realize I was training a talented young man who wanted to excel in all forms of handball. And after watching him play in One, Three and Four Wall, I came to realize, Tyree is the future of handball.”

Michael Watson, Coach

New York


Tyree on:

Sean Lenning: He is an excellent player, dangerous with both hands. 

Tony Healy: He is very relaxed and confident player.


Satish Jagnandan: He’s got two good hands; the best low power serve and an amazing ability to move you around the court.


Vince Munoz: The best player in Three Wall and the best person to talk to off the court.

Emmett Peixoto: Very athletic. He is the only Three and Wall player with the potential to win the One Wall  Nationals.

Dave Chapman: I’m happy to have played him in the four wall Nationals. He is really a good player. I wish he had ventured into the One Wall National arena more often.


Paul Brady: He shoots very hard. I need to hang out with him more often to find out his secrets for success.

Greatest Player to ever play handball:


Four Wall: Naty Alvarado, Sr.

Three Wall: Vince Munoz

One Wall: Joe Durso


Greatest all around player:


Oscar Obert and Vic Hershkowitz.



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