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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 7/27/18
 In an effort to reward the most in-form players during the upcoming R48, WR48, and SR48 tour seasons, the WPH has cut all of the R48, WR48, and SR48 pro player ranking points in half in advance of the 2018/19 Race 4 Eight season. The upcoming season’s ranking points will be doubled from the current ranking points breakdown, meaning more volatility and excitement in the Race 4 Eight Power Rankings.

“After much discussion with our rules committee, we have decided to create more opportunities for the hottest players to rise in the rankings,” stated WPH Executive Director Dave Vincent. “In past seasons, we’ve seen players remain at the top or close to the top of the rankings midway through the season without playing an event because of strong results in the previous season. We want the rankings to reflect more of what is happening now than what happened 6-12 months ago.”

[27973482_10156173423798799_4483597574711279216_n-2-300x169]R48 Men’s Pro Ranking Points Breakdown

1st: 10

2nd: 8

tied 3rd: 6

5th: 4

6th: 3.5

tied 7th: 3

9th: 2

10th: 1.5

tied 11th: 1

13-16th: 0.5/0.4/0.3/0.2

17th: 0.1

[Catriona-Casey-1-168x300]W48 Men’s Pro Ranking Points Breakdown

1st: 10

2nd:  8

3rd:  6

4th:  5

5th: 4

6th: 3



SR48 Men’s Pro Ranking Points Breakdown

1st: 10

2nd:  8

3rd:  6

4th:  5

5th: 4

6th: 3

[Courtney-right-back-wall-268x300]2017/18 R48 7 Season-Ending Elite 8, WR48 Fab 4, and SR48 Fab 5 Stats + Fun Facts and Trends here

DF’s R48 Fun Facts and Trends: here

Race 4 Eight Pro Player Bios: here

Race 4 Eight History of Champions and Finalists: here

For more information on the WPH Race 4 Eight, please contact World Players of Handball Executive Director David Vincent at dave.vincent@wphlive.tv or World Players of Handball Development Director David Fink at david.fink@wphlive.tv. For more information on the World Players of Handball, please visit wphlive.tv





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