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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 9/29/17- The WPH Outdoor 6 season concluded with the 2017 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships in Las Vegas, NV. WPH Outdoor men’s and women’s pros battled for ranking points in California (IceMan, Fullerton), Las Vegas (Royal Flush, Vegas Lte, 3WallBall), Utah (Salt Lake City Aces), Pennsylvania (RFC) and Ohio (USHA 3-Wall Nationals). The men’s and women’s race for the top spot came down to the wire, as mere points separated the top-ranked stars from the pack.

Samzon Hernandez edged Timbo Gonzalez by just one ranking point to win his second WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup, winning two WPH Outdoor events (Royal Flush singles, Royal Flush doubles) during the WPH Outdoor 6 season and advancing to six finals. Gonzalez came up just short of the top spot for the second consecutive WPH Outdoor season, despite winning three singles titles (Vegas Lte, 3WallBall Big Ball, 1WallBall Big Ball). 3WallBall Small Ball champion Shorty Ruiz and 4-time Player’s Cup champion Juan Santos rounded out the WPH Outdoor 6 “Fab 4.”

Tracy Davis won one singles title (RFC) and advanced to two finals on the Women’s WPH Outdoor 6 tour, edging 2017 X-Fest champion Sandy Ng by just two ranking points. At 40, Davis became the oldest WPH pro in history to finish a pro season ranked #1. Davis and Ng were joined in the Women’s WPH Outdoor “Fab 4” by 3WallBall Small Ball champion Martina McMahon and New York’s cross over star Danielle Daskalakis.

To follow the WPH Outdoor tour, go to wphoutdoor.com

See the final WPH Outdoor 6 men’s and women’s rankings by clicking the image to expand: (Have Questions?  Contact Dave Fink:  Fink@race4eight.com)




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