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[raceArtboard-1-300x234]The World Players of Handball Foundation R48 LTE

The R48 LTE

The WPH is thrilled to announce the “R48 LTE,” the light version of a typical Race 4 Eight tour stop, but with a few changes. The R48 LTE will offer prize money and reduced R48 ranking points; meanwhile, still counting towards the current Race Season [R48Pro VIII].  Race LTE will allow R48 pros and R48 hopefuls to play more official matches, to fine-tune their games, while also spreading the word of handball in more cities around the country. R48 LTE events are designed to promote this game and the World Players of Handball’s continued coverage on ESPN; while highlighting Junior WPH clinics with pros at each stop.


The R48 LTE awards half the ranking points as a traditional R48 event and almost half the prize money. R48 pros and R48 hopeful pros will enter the event and the host city/club will keep all of the entry fees. The R48 LTE events will be run through that event’s tournament desk, just like any other regular local tournament.  The WPH will seed and construct the time schedule for the pro division and playoffs, if any; however, the local director will run the desk, as the WPH will have a representative on hand reporting on the event (pictures, video, interviews, article creation, membership sales, etc) and acting as a co-director/liaison of the event.



  • The local host will be responsible for $4,000, as a fee toward prize money and the WPH will add $2,000 towards that purse.  WPH will also fly in at least one WPH representative/organizer/reporter and reserves the right to film the event for prosperity and live viewing
  • R48 LTE stops can be held at any time after the first R48 stop of a season and before the last stop of the R48 season but cannot be held on a weekend immediately before or immediately after a R48 stop
  • LTE ranking points are only valid to the player if that player qualifies during the season and/or are named in the top eight and have accepted their invite.  Once the player qualifies, then their LTE points become retroactive (same for the Elite Eight member). If a player accrues points at an LTE stop without earning ranking points in that R48 season, those points will be frozen until that player earns ranking points at a R48 stop. If/when the player earns points in a full R48 stop, his LTE points will be added. If the player does not earn points in a full R48 stop, his LTE points will not accessible. *The same rule applies to the 17th place playoff winner
  • The WPH has the right of refusal on any LTE stop; a refusal could come from the WPH board of directors
  • Prize money and ranking points for R48 LTE events:

[20180504_28522_ajw-200x300]1st: $1.5k (5 ranking points)

2nd: $1k (4 ranking points)

3rd/4th:  $750/$750 (3 ranking points)

5th-8th: $500; if the event has 8 ranked pros or better (2 ranking points)

*Other restrictions may apply; WPH Calendar for the Race4Eight Tour is packed full, which may limit the LTE stops to just a select amount.  All LTE Stops must be played within the R48Pro Season.

Need more information or have questions? Please contact David Fink at david.fink@wphlive.tv  

The World Players of Handball is a 501c3 foundation aimed at growing the game of handball by inspiring the next generation of handball players through live streaming on ESPN3, wphlive.tv, and social media, hosting hundreds of junior handball clinics and tournaments each year, showcasing the greatest players in the world and providing opportunities for aspiring players to play against the best players in the world.

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“LTE Events Will Be Added to the Schedule as They Become Finalized.  See R2sports.com for All WPH R48Pro Events (Search Handball)”



WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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