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Sean Lenning

(Photo by Jay Grenfell circa 2008)


Sponsored by Owen Gloves and The New York Athletic Club.


DOB: 4/18/85

Height: 6' 2

Weight: 200

Left-or-right-hand? Right

Occupation: Handyman


Achievements/titles won:

  • Multiple Junior National Titles
  • Multiple regional,state, and city singles and doubles champion
  • Won multiple USHA Championship Series Pro Stops (2005/2006)
  • 2003 USHA 3-wall national doubles champ (Chavez)
  • 2004 USHA 3-wall national singles and doubles champ (Chavez)
  • 2007 USHA 3-wall national singles champ
  • 2007 USHA 3-wall national doubles champ
  • 2007 USHA 4-wall national singles finalist
  • 2007 US Open 4-wall singles finalist
  • 2008 USHA Showtime in Seattle singles finalist
  • 2008 WPH World Cup Singles Champion
  • 2008 USHA 3-Wall Singles/Doubles Champion (Emmett Peixoto)
  • 2009 Boston Open Pro Stop Winner
  • 2009 Canadian National Doubles Champion (Dave Vincent)


How did you become involved in Handball?

Parents played


What was your greatest Handball win?

Every win against BILL MEHILOS


Toughest opponents? Why?

Righ handers


Your favorite food?



Pets? Names?

No pets allowed


What do you do to prepare for a tournament? Routine?

Try to get as loose as possible


Family athleticism comes from?

Not sure, both sides of the family are pretty athletic, I think.


If you were able to sit down and have dinner with 5 famous people, who'd they be?

The rza, the gza, method man, raekwon, ghostface killa, Inspectah Deck, U-God, ODB, and Masta Killa


Summary:  Possessing a long reach with wrist snapping action, he is known for displaying effortless form as he decimates his competitors. Power and athleticism have allowed Sean some surreal moments on the handball court. A handball prodigy!


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