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[image]Sunday in Salt Lake City ‘17 @ The Player’s Championship

Salt Lake City, WPH Press, 4/23/17- Finals Sunday in Salt Lake City presented the best of the best on the Race 4 Eight and WPH Outdoor tours competing under the bright ESPH lights.

R48 Finals: Carroll vs. L. Cordova

Killian Carroll entered Salt Lake City’s Aces R48 Player’s Championship seeking to become the first two-time R48 Men’s Pro Player’s Champion, while Luis Cordova advanced to his first R48 final in his 32-stop R48 career.

Carroll did not start the match like the player appearing in his fourth consecutive R48 final, making six unforced errors in the first nine points of the match. Carroll trailed 8-0 before righting the ship, ultimately pulling within one at 11-12. Cordova was unfazed and continued to apply the same type of pressure that saw him defeat two R48 #1’s on Saturday, closing out the first game emphatically with three straight kills.

Carroll pounced on Cordova in game two, only allowing the Atlanta transplant three serves in a 15-0 thrashing.

Cordova appeared to find his second wind and momentum in the third game, racing to a 6-2 lead and seemingly playing the type of ball that saw him take game one. An unforced error on a Cordova right corner kill attempt handed Carroll the serve and Killian never looked back, scoring the final 13 points of the match to clinch his second consecutive R48 Player’s Championship.

“I’m just delighted,” stated Carroll. “My goal was to become to first player to win back-to-back Player’s Championships and I’m just thrilled to have achieved that. I was only able to play five stops this season and thankfully I was able to make the most of all of them.”

Final: Carroll def L. Cordova 12-15, 15-0, 15-6

R48 Playoffs

David Fink bounced back from his semifinal loss to Luis Cordova by defeating Sean Lenning for third place, Robbie McCarthy defeated Luis Moreno for fifth place, and Daniel Cordova ousted Vic Perez to clinch ninth.

Third place final: Fink def Lenning 25-1

Fifth place final: McCarthy def Moreno 25-11

Ninth place final: D. Cordova def Perez 25-17

R48 Salt Lake Finishes

1st: Carroll

2nd:  L. Cordova

3rd:  Fink

4th:  Lenning

5th: McCarthy

6th: Moreno

7th: Ortiz

8th:  Chavez

9th: D. Cordova

10th: Perez

11th:  Iglesias

12th: Montijo

13th: Beall/Ruiz/Bowler/McCrystal

R48 6 Season-Ending Rankings

1. Killian Carroll

2. David Fink

3. Luis Moreno

4. Mando Ortiz

tied 5th: Sean Lenning/Luis Cordova

tied 7th: Daniel Cordova/Emmett Peixoto

[image]WR48 Finals: Casey vs. McMahon

Catriona Casey entered the 2017 WR48 Player’s Championship having won the first three WR48 Player’s Championships, while Martina McMahon was appearing in her first WR48 Player’s Championship final. Casey was in control from the outset, dominating the front court against a flu-ridden McMahon. With Casey lead 15-4, 4-1, McMahon was forced to retire with symptoms of her Salt Lake flu.

“I just love playing in these events and to be able to travel across the U.S. and play handball is just wonderful,” stated Casey.

Final: Casey def McMahon 15-4, 4-1 fft

WR48 Playoffs

Ciana Ni Churraoin and Aimee Ulbert met for the second consecutive event in the third place final. Ulbert built a sizeable lead in the first half of the one game to 25 point final but was unable to sustain her advantage. Ulbert failed to score in the second half, as CNC claimed third for the second consecutive WR48 stop.

Third place final: Ni Churraoin def Ulbert 25-13

WR48 Finishes

1st: Casey

2nd: McMahon

3rd:  Ni Churraoin

4th:  Ulbert

5th: McCarthy

6th:  Davis

7th:  Gawley

8th: Rushe

WR48 Season-Ending Rankings

1. Casey

2. McMahon

tied  3rd: McCarthy/Ni Churraoin

tied 5th: Davis/Ulbert

[image]SR48 Finals: Chavez vs. Watkins

Marcos Chavez was seeking the first undefeated season in SR48 history, while Chris Watkins was appearing in his first SR48 final after a stunning semifinal comeback against Armijo. Chavez and Watkins played virtually even for the first 15 minutes of the one-game to 25 point final. “I know Chris is from the Alvarado school of handball and he can really play some great handball,” stated Chavez. “I was really nervous in the beginning of the match.”

Chavez started to feel more comfortable after his slow start, hitting three overhand flop kills en route to a 15-7 halftime lead. Watkins broke Chavez’s seven-point streak with three quick points after halftime, but Chavez shifted gears, dominating the rest of the match to clinch his third SR48 Player’s Championship.

“I just want to thank my sponsors Owen Gloves and the LAAC, Dave Vincent, the WPH, and my wife for allowing me to travel to all of these stops,” stated Chavez. “I love to play the SR48 tour and I hope to see some of the best in the game competing on the tour next season.”

SR48 Final: Chavez def Watkins 25-12

SR48 Finishes

1st: Chavez

2nd: Watkins

3rd:  Armijo

4th: Roberts

SR48 Season-Ending Rankings

1.     Chavez

2.     Armijo

3.     Alvarado

4.     Watkins

Read much more here: http://wphlive.tv/players-championship-daily-recaps/
Around the Globe from Salt Lake City: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujrHst6dI3c

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