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[33750298_10156454670533799_1552190567910211584_n-236x300]Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 5/31/18 R48 #1 and three-time defending R48 Player’s Champion Killian Carroll was officially awarded the 2017/18 R48 7 Player of the Year on his recent visit to the WPH headquarters in Tucson, AZ, over Memorial Day Weekend. Carroll dominated the 2017/18 R48 7 tour, shattering records and rewriting history with his outstanding play and tenacity to become the undisputed #1 player in the sport.

Highlights of Carroll’s 2017/18 Player of the Year campaign:

  • Six R48 7 titles in seven events
  • Seven R48 7 finals appearances
  • 27-1 match record
  • 20-1 match record vs. the R48 7 top 10
  • Won 55 of 60 games played during the R48 7 season (92%)
  • 67% of points won in 28 R48 7 matches (889-429)
  • Most single season R48 titles in the seven-year history of the tour (6)
  • Started and finished the year as the R48 #1

[33714529_10156452588713799_2580748751840739328_n-300x169]“Maintaining my number one ranking and defending the Player’s Championship were my top goals going into this season and I’m thrilled to have achieved those,” stated Carroll. “This was a mentally and physically draining season but well worth it. I’m looking forward to the upcoming World Championships and (2018/19) Race 4 Eight season that starts in October.”

“Killian redefined dominance this season and withstood the challenges from all of the world’s best players,” stated WPH Executive Director Dave Vincent. “What’s exciting for the fans and scary for the players is that Killian seems to be improving with each event. Killian has the best serve, best kill shot, best back wall kill, best conditioning, and the most speed of any player in the sport, making Killian virtually unstoppable.”

To relive all of Carroll’s highlights during the 2017/18 R48 7 season, go HERE

To see the 2018/19 R48 8 schedule, go HERE

As always, stay tuned to for all of the handball news from around the globe.

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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