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Maumee, OH, WPH Press, 9/3/17

Day 5: Monday

Women’s Pro Singles Final: Rushe vs. Moler

Chicago’s Hillary Rushe entered the Women’s Pro Singles final as the defending champion and seeking to be the first women’s star to repeat in Maumee since Megan Dorneker in 2015. Dr. Ashley Moler was seeking her first 3-Wall Women’s Pro Singles title on the heels of her career-best win against nine-time 3-Wall national champion Megan Dorneker in yesterday’s semifinal.

Dr. Moler picked up where she left off in yesterday’s semifinal, taking game one in a rematch of last year’s women’s final against Rushe on a chilly Monday morning. Dr. Moler employed a combination of power serves, kills, and deep drives to keep the defending champion off-balance in game one and looked to be on her way to her first singles title in Maumee. Rushe roared back in game two, seizing the momentum and never allowing Moler into the game to force a tiebreaker.

Trading great kills and passes, Rushe ultimately led 10-8 in the tiebreaker. Dr. Moler battled back, earning a side out and eventually serving for the championship at 10-10. Moler’s comeback stalled at 10, as Rushe was able to force a side out and win the match on her fourth match point.

Final: Rushe def Moler 16-21, 21-1, 11-10

Men’s Pro Doubles Final: Team Lenning/Chavez vs. Team Bastidas

Team Lenning/Chavez faced Team Bastidas in a rematch of last year’s Men’s Pro Doubles final, won by Team Lenning/Chavez. Team Lenning/Chavez took control in game one, with the defending champions employing the “front-back” formation to dictate the rallies. Lenning’s serve was too difficult for Team Bastidas to return late in game one, as Lenning’s power deep hop earned Team Lenning/Chavez six aces in the second half of the game. Team Bastidas steadied themselves in game two, putting more returns in play and demonstrating their tremendous power and athleticism, but it was Team Lenning/Chavez who prevailed, earning their third straight Men’s 3-Wall Pro Doubles title. “I’ve put in so much hard work on and off the court, lifting weights, biking, cross-training, and of course playing,” revealed an ecstatic Marcos Chavez. “I just love playing with my partner and it feels great to be able to still do this at my age.”

Final: Team Lenning/Chavez def Team Bastidas 21-9, 21-19

WPH Outdoor 1-Wall and 3-Wall Big Ball Doubles

With WPH Outdoor ranking points available to the winners of the 1-Wall and 3-Wall Big Ball doubles, the action was intense on Labor Day in Maumee.


New York’s Chris Miranda and Allan Sanchez dominated the 1-Wall Big Ball Doubles field, outscoring their semifinal and finals opponents by a combined 84-19. Team Miranda/Sanchez had little difficulty with an exhausted Team Bastidas in the final, making quick work of the Bash Brothers.

Final: Team Miranda/Sanchez def Team Bastidas 21-6, 21-6


Shorty Ruiz was seeking his second consecutive 3-Wall Big Ball National Doubles title in Maumee. Team Miranda/Sanchez were aiming for a Big Ball sweep in the 3-Wall Big Ball final and started promisingly, taking game one 21-14. Shorty Ruiz and Carlos Lemus relied on their 3-Wall experience and skill to take control after dropping game one, cruising to the title in the second and third games.

Final: Team Ruiz/Lemus def Team Miranda/Sanchez 14-21, 21-2, 11-6

Thank you!

Thank you to the USHA staff, Vern Roberts, Matt Krueger, and all of the volunteers, referees, fans, and players for making this year’s Three-Wall National Championships a great event.

To follow the draws and results from all of the divisions at the 67th USHA National Three-Wall Championships, go here

Go to ushandball.org and wphlive.tv for daily recaps from the 67th USHA Three-Wall Nationals.

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer


[image]Maumee, OH, WPH Press, 9/3/17

Day 3: Sunday

Men’s Pro Singles Final

Sean Lenning and Tyree Bastidas met for the fourth consecutive year in the Men’s Pro Singles final at the Lucas County Rec Center, with Lenning winning the previous three finals encounters without dropping a game.

Lenning took control of the final early, dominating all aspects of the match against the former 1-Wall and 3-Wall national singles champion. “Lenning’s serves were on point in game one,” stated WPH reporter and Canadian R48 star Ryan Bowler. Lenning cruised in game one in just 14 minutes, 21-4.

Lenning kept his foot on the gas in game two, never allowing Bastidas into the match. “Not only was his serve working, but Sean overpowered Tyree in the rallies,” stated Bowler. “Tyree’s only scoring opportunities are fly kills after a great serve.” Game two featured a lot of long rallies, most of them won by Lenning. “Sean was using his left in the front court effectively and mostly using his right from the back court,” stated Bowler.

After taking a 10-4 lead in game two, Lenning began to play offense from everywhere in the Lucas County Rec Center. “Sean just killed the ball from everywhere,” stated Bowler. “I think he could have killed the ball from the baseball fields on the other side of the park.”

Lenning allowed just 17 points in the semifinals and finals combined, proving for the ninth time that he is an unstoppable force in Small Ball 3-Wall.

Final: Lenning def T. Bastidas 21-4, 21-6

Men’s Pro Doubles

Sean Lenning and Marcos Chavez were seeking their third consecutive 3-Wall national doubles title in Maumee and looked sharp en route to their third consecutive final, dispatching Team Szatkowski in two games in the upper bracket semifinal. The Bash Brothers, Tyree and Jurell Bastidas overcame Team Shorty Ruiz/Bill Mehilos in two games in the bottom bracket semifinals to set a date with Team Lenning/Chavez on Monday morning.


Team Lenning/Chavez def Team Szatkowski 21-7, 21-14

Team Bastidas def Team Ruiz/Mehilos 21-15, 21-15

Final (Monday): Team Lenning/Chavez vs. Team Bastidas

Women’s Pro

Defending champion Hillary Rushe had little difficulty in overcoming the University of Texas’ Kristen Hughes, cruising in two games to keep her repeat bid alive.

Dr. Ashley Moler entered her bottom bracket semifinal with Megan Dorneker having never defeated Dorneker in 3-Wall and seeking her second consecutive 3-Wall final. Dr. Moler emphatically denied Dorneker’s bid to win her tenth women’s singles title in Maumee, overpowering the Chicago legend with fist drives and overhand pass shots. Dr. Moler earned the biggest win of her career and will aim to defeat Rushe in Monday’s final.


Rushe def Hughes 21-5, 21-7

Moler def Dorneker 21-11, 21-8

Final (Monday): Rushe vs. Moler

Women’s Pro Doubles

Singles finalists Ashely Moler and Hillary Rushe teamed up to dominate the Women’s Pro Doubles, assuring that one of the two finalists on Monday will slam. Team Moler/Rushe outscored their four opponents 168-48 en route to the title.

WPH Outdoor 1-Wall and 3-Wall Doubles

WPH Outdoor was thrilled to present its sixth ranking event of the WPH Outdoor 6 season at the 67th USHA Three-Wall Nationals during Labor Day Weekend, featuring Men’s 3-Wall Big Ball Doubles and Men’s 3-Wall 1-Wall Big Ball Doubles. The Big Ball brackets at the USHA Three-Wall Nationals provided the final opportunity for WPH Outdoor stars to earn ranking points before the WPH Outdoor 6 season finale at the 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships in Las Vegas, September 21-24, 2017.

1-Wall Big Ball Doubles top seeds Chris Miranda and Allan Sanchez advanced to the final in the upper bracket, while Team Bastidas cruised in the bottom bracket to make Monday’s 1-Wall final an all New York affair.

1-Wall Final (Monday): Team Miranda/Sanchez vs. Team Bastidas

New York’s Team Miranda/Sanchez proved their Big Ball skills translated to 3-Wall, advancing to the 3-Wall final with a bottom bracket semifinal win against The Great Dane Szatkowski and Kevin Greco.

In the upper bracket, top seed Shorty Ruiz and Carlos Lemus cruised to the final against Marco Lemus and Dan Valera.

3-Wall Big Ball Final (Monday): Team Ruiz/Lemus vs. Team Miranda/Sanchez

To follow the draws and results from all of the divisions at the 67th USHA National Three-Wall Championships, go here

Stay tuned to ushandball.org and wphlive.tv for updates from the 67th USHA Three-Wall National throughout Labor Day Weekend.

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer


Read much more here:  http://wphlive.tv/usha-3-wall-nationals-updates-wrapup/


WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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