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[Artboard-bluered1@4x-300x186]The 2018/19 4-Wall Race4Eight Professional Handball Tour is officially set, as the WPH heads into its Eighth Season. 

“The pro players voted on their favorite stops, and we listened,” says WPH Executive Director, Dave Vincent.  “The surprise favorite for season seven was Missoula, Montana.  Almost everyone polled had positive things to say about the hospitality and freshness of the stop location.”  WPH pros voted on their favorite stops for 2017/18 season just after New York [Circa April 2018], but before Salt Lake City’s Players Championship [May ’18].  “I was a bit worried about Salt Lake City, since we have not been there in almost 12 months,” recalls Vincent.  “However, Utah still came in as the Player’s favorite locale, as it tied Tucson, Arizona, for the honor Best in Show.”

WPH pros also requested between five and seven stops; opting for less stop locations than the traditional eight.  WPH has often turned to the pros for answers regarding …which ball to use, tournament rules, and favorite city to attend, to name just a few, and will continue to poll the players with hopes of constructing the perfect pro season.  With that said, WPH will still run and sanction other tournaments throughout the year; to include LTE (light) R48Pro Events that could bring a reduction in prize money, points and filming.  “We still want to add stops like New York, Houston and Las Vegas,” says Vincent.  “These events have become staples for us and it would be sad to fully see them disappear just because of a few player votes.  Perhaps we can work things out, moving forward, to get them back on the schedule.”

WPH Has not announced whether the Senior 40+ and Women’s Elite Pro Tournaments will be apart of the professional handball tour of 2018/19.  David Vincent suspects that the Women’s pro tour will continue, but maybe limited to just a couple stops, “We are raising money [still] for this upcoming season eight, as we look for sponsors, advertisers and investors.  The money really should come first before we start naming specific locations, but if I had to make a wager, women’s elite pros would more than likely make an appearance in San Francisco and Salt Lake City.  Tucson seems like a natural fit as well, but we will have to raise funds and the local clubs and associations will have to help.”


WPH tournament director’s have been raving about the attitudes and general positive spirit of the touring pros, as local event coordinators are equally pleased with the WPH Elite for mentoring and coaching young players and newbies at these tour stops.  “Yeah, well…  we are all growing into adults and it’s fun to talk to the spectators and new players at these events,” says Mando Ortiz (#3).  “It’s one of the special things that drive me to each and every stop.”

The WPH plans on hosting even more junior clinics in 2018/19 and will even stop in the Great Pacific Northwest at the MAC for the USHA Junior Handball Championships (December ’18) with a unique open format.

Below is the Handball Schedule, as of the date of this post, with possible additions and announcements pending:  (Contact the WPH Now @ info@wphlive.tv)


#1 – 10/5/2018—10/7/2018 – PeachTree Open – Atlanta, Georgia – Rec Atlanta – Entry HERE>
#2 – 11/1/2018—11/4/2018 – #TheMemorial – Tucson, Arizona – The TRC – Entry HERE>
#3 – 12/28/2018—12/30/2018 – US Junior Nationals – Portland, Oregon – The MAC – Entry HERE>
#4 – 1/25/2019—1/27/2019 – Red Death – Missoula, Montana – The Peak – Entry HERE>
#5 – 2/15/2019—2/17/2019 – New Orleans Mardi Gras Open – Harahan, Louisiana – Oshner Fitness – Entry HERE>
#6 – 3/29/2019-3/31/2019- Olympic Club Invitational – San Francisco, California – Olympic Club – Entry TBD
#7 – 5/17/2019-5/19/2019 – Aces Players Championship – Salt Lake City, Utah – Sports Mall – Entry HERE>

Contact WPH R48Pro Director, David C Vincent, on how to add your event:  info@wphlive.tv



WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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