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[30727388_10156353118223799_6340693693885292144_n-300x213]Salt Lake City, UT, WPH Press, 5/1/18

The 2018 WPH R48 Salt Lake City Aces Player’s Championship provides professional handball’s greatest showcase, featuring the R48, WR48, and SR48 battling for the Player’s Championship, the most coveted prize in professional handball.

Check out all of the important Salt Lake City Aces tournament information and links for the entire Race 4 Eight 7 tour below.

2018 WPH R48 Salt Lake City Player’s Championship

  • Date: May 4-6, 2018
  • Site: Sports Mall, 5445 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT, 84117
  • Salt Lake City ’18 ESPN3 Broadcast schedule: Friday, May 4, 2 pm-7 pmSaturday, May 5, 9 am-7 pm, Sunday, May 6, 9 am-1:30 pm. ESPN3 site here
  • Tournament directors: Lon Stalsberg, Matt Stalsberg, Ruben Garza, Dave Vincent, David Fink, Gary Scogin
  • Tournament sponsors: Ace Disposal, WPH, JR WPH
  • Events: R48 Men’s Pro, WR48, SR48
  • R48 Round of 16 Draw: Straight off the rankings
  • Consecutive years of the R48 Salt Lake City Aces: 7 (started in 2012: Salt Lake City is the longest tenured R48 stop)
  • [WPHLiveTV-aces-logo-300x300]List of Salt Lake City Aces R48 Champions (2012-2017): Moreno ’12, Shanks ’13, McCarthy ’14, Lenning ’15, Brady ’16, Carroll ‘17
  • List of Salt Lake City Aces WR48 Champions: Catriona Casey ’14, ’15, ‘17
  • List of Salt Lake City Aces SR48 Champions: Chavez ’14, ’15, ‘17
  • Defending R48 champion: Killian Carroll
  • Defending WR48 champion: Catriona Casey
  • Defending SR48 Champion: Marcos Chavez
  • R48 Men’s Pro champions entered: 3 (Carroll, Lenning, Ortiz)
  • Current or former R48 #1’s entered: 4 (Carroll, Lenning, Ortiz, Fink)
  • WR48 Pro champions entered: 1 (Casey)
  • Current or former SR48 #1’s entered: 2 (Chavez, Fink)
  • Number of ranked R48 pros entered (Elite 8 + Qualifier): 16
  • Number of WR48 pros entered: 6

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David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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