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[27067381_10156117451033799_7584743121533609414_n-300x201]Day three: Sunday

Missoula, MT, WPH Press, 1/28/18– The R48 7 Red Death concluded on Sunday, with the R48 Playoffs, R48 Final, and Pro-am doubles taking center stage at one of the R48’s best events in history.

Finals: Carroll vs. Ortiz

[27067121_10156117450633799_1848879138489019662_n-300x201]Killian Carroll and Mando Ortiz met for the third time this season and second time in a final. Carroll entered the final with a 4-3 head-to-head advantage in R48 play and rode a two-match winning streak against Ortiz into the final.

Carroll took control of the match with a dominating serve, striking eight aces to take a 12-6 lead in game one. Ortiz called a timeout and stunned Carroll by scoring nine consecutive points to take game one. “I just kept telling myself that I’ve been here before and to not give up,” stated after Ortiz after the match. “I know I’m streaky and I can score points. Once I scored two or three points, my confidence went up and I was able to take the first.”

Carroll regrouped in game two, never allowing Ortiz into the game and running away with the game in just nine minutes to force a tiebreaker.

Carroll continued to dictate play in the tiebreaker, leading 10-4 and arriving at match point at 14-7. Following three dives, Carroll earned a right-hand setup to win the match on the 19th shot of the rally. Carroll’s right-hand kill shot attempt just missed, giving Ortiz life. Ortiz scored four consecutive points and momentarily seized the momentum. Carroll regained the side out with a kill shot and clinched his third R48 title of the season on the next rally.

[27072838_10156117450268799_7013747356452083104_n-300x201]“Mando is playing very well this season and I’m the only player on the tour who has been able to beat him this season,” stated Carroll. This win is definitely special.

Carroll def Ortiz 12-15, 15-3, 15-11


Luis Cordova shifted from the Pro-am final to the 5th place final and seized a 9-1 lead against Vic Perez. Perez regrouped, scoring 14 of the next 17 points to take a 15-12 lead at halftime. Perez continued to outplay Cordova, serving for the match at 24-18. Perez earned a back wall setup on the fifth shot of the rally to win the match, but narrowly missed, handing the serve to Cordova. Cordova served seven straight points in one inning before Perez finally regained the serve at 24-25. Perez gave Cordova a back wall opening on a second serve, which Cordova killed to in the right corner to serve for the match. Cordova found the right crack for an ace to complete the improbable comeback. “I started off well because I was warmed up from the doubles and Vic was cold but he crushed me for the rest of the first half,” stated Lucho. “I just wanted it at the end and it feels really good.”

  1. Cordova def Perez 26-24

Peter Funchion claimed 9th with an impressive win against the Olympic Club’s Loren Collado, taking a 15-7 halftime lead and fighting off a second half Collado surge to win 25-18.

Funchion def Collado 25-18

[27540249_10156117450678799_2724888410952530618_n-300x169]Red Death R48 7 Finishes

1st: Carroll

2nd: Ortiz

3rd: Fink/Lenning

5th:  L. Cordova

6th: Perez

7th: Chavez/Nash

[27067690_10156117451108799_250921964168588141_n-300x201]9th: Funchion

10th:  L. Collado

11th:  Bowler/D. Cordova

13th: Iglesias/Moreno/Montijo/Ruiz

17th: Pesch

[IMG_9074-300x200]Pro-am Doubles

Luis Cordova teamed with Lance Wachholz to win four matches, including an impressive two-game sweep against Danos Cordova and Kirk Johnson. “This was a really fun division and Lance and I had a really time playing,” stated Luis, who snagged the most prize money of any player at the Red Death, combining his R48 and Pro-am doubles earnings. “I always try to play as many divisions as possible because I just love to play.”


The Red Death was one of the best events in R48 history, largely due to the incredible Red Death staff of tournament directors and volunteers. Thank you to Red Death tournament director and 2018 WPH Community Builder recipient Sean Sandau, Abraham Montijo, Shorty Ruiz, Ashley Moler, Pete Papathemetrios, Nick Flores, Red “The Nub” Jolliffe, Linda Manning, Che Lowenstein, Jeff Kastner, Kris Gurrad, Peak Health and Wellness, Paradise Falls, and all who made the Red Death a huge success. See you in Montana next year!

To follow all of the brackets and results from the 2018 R48 7 Red Death, go here

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David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

Read about Friday and Saturday from the Red Death here: https://wphlive.tv/updates-from-the-2018-r48-7-red-death/

WPH Youth and Donor Development Director

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